Friday, December 14, 2007

Blue Ink

A life of love letters
written on blue jeans
ten years old, faded,
love-worn by Venus
--she of every blue
dream I ever owned.

Love's words etched
on the palm of my hand,
on my head board
carved into the table
under the willow tree
weeping for the ways
love used to dance
under its sweeping bows
the memories flood
the rains caress
drop by drop
rivulets to rivers
to the heaving ocean.

A sea brimming life,
our thousand bottles
bobbing, clinking--
and each one home
to little blue lines
lots of blue, hot ink
tear-drops and runs,
with forever-for-life
sized hearts pierced
by arrows we thought
were only imagination,
writing love's letters
on every dream we
call our own.

Thank you all for your comments and good will. I'm off to Detroit to attend to the business of family and my aunt's memorial services. I'll be back and around to visit all of you very soon.

Above: Is that not the bluest moon you ever saw? And the beaded line of stars to its right is an optical illusion, but a beautiful one at that.

Middle: I very sneakily used the great website I can has Cheezburger to create several banners for my blog, to counteract the rampant brainfarting that blogger has been known for lately. Blogger had seen fit to shrunk my original header down to almost nothing, even though the picture is fine in edit mode. It had something to do with meshing letters onto the picture, and just couldn't do it anymore. So I used the above glorious site to make my own header/banner with the letters embedded. God bles doze txt msg jeenyuzez @ I can hz chzbrgr. Now, I'll be chnging things up every now and then, just for fun.

Blogger will not be happy until we are all on Wordpress.

This one right above this I first saw at a glorious blog called The Lisa Show. I'm not sure who made it, but it is LMAOROTF funny.


gingatao said...

Beautiful swaying rhythmic love song poem. I think wordpress has a full import from blogger button but I'm not sure, check it out first. As I go round I see many complaints about blogger this and that, fewer about wordpress. Hope all goes well on the trip, rest assured a warm welcome awaits when you return. That is a beautiful intermingling of images and shades of blue in your poem.

karma lennon said...

Sorry I've been so spotty about coming by! The busyness is unbelievable but you know about that. :) I'll be better, promise.

Love love love this poem. Love that words of love are all around us if we just take a close enough look. Favorite line "hot ink", something bout that just fills my head with ideas.

Also lovin' the banners, especially the one that says keep the girl. :) And LOVE Chzberger. Hilarious site!

Thoughts with you and the family this weekend. Peace and love, friend.

Enemy of the Republic said...

My condolences on the passing of your aunt. I know that's a hard blow for you. You know how seriously I take these things. Feel free to write to me anytime.

I use a classic template so blogger doesn't fuck with me too much except I have two active plug ins from Flash that show lyrics and they don't always work. I've thought about moving on too, but I want to design my own page. Wordpress is good. I am not crazy about Xanga.

The banners look great. The poem tastes like a good red wine, robust yet ticking the throat. I will be back in full swing soon. 136 finals to grade this weekend.

singleton said...

Wishing you peace this week-end, friend....Travel safe, feel the love.....

lance said...

I put yours up to my friend. Your link is listed. I'll be back to visit. I visit all my friends's blogs.
Merry Christmas

ivan said...

I have strained my room-temperature brain to try and outwit Google Blogger, who has been utterely been begaffling my site.

Your poetry, however, does not begaffle. Speaks of love and loss, and I've certaintly been there.

(Odd note: A musician friend, after his wife left him, rifled through her old vanity and found a pair of panties,which he sniffed, and for a very long time, and who can not identify, especially a man whose wife has left him for a younger lover...I guess I am approaching the mawkish here, but I somehow can relate to my musician's story).

Lisa said...

I crack up every time I see that picture. Without fail. Thanks for that and the link love. This post did cheer me up. I got the picture from, natch. I want to scoop them all up and squish them together.

I recently came across this: They track comments, provides threaded comments, and exports all your comments from Blogger's comment system. It looks good. I'm still too scared to make the move, but I probably will soon enough.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Take it easy over the next little while. xo
The last picture is way too cute.
I'll go see the site.
Your banners are great! I love them all, which one to choose...

Princess Pointful said...

Beautiful imagery, as always. For some reason, the idea of love notes on blue jeans is stunning.

Much love to you and the family this weekend.

Josie said...

Eric, I love your blog's new look. Love the picture too. That's one worried looking little gerbil.

Take care of yourself. Our hearts go out to your and your family.


Cazzie!!! said...

Forever for life..I love that part!

Maithri said...

I think I first read this one when you posted it at Singletons. Its so very beautiful my friend.

Absolutely beautiful,

The site looks awesome, banners are way cool.

Take care of yourself and your family,

Blessings of love, Maithri

X. Dell said...

(1) My condolences on your aunt's passing. I'm hoping that your family's festive holiday season might take some of the sting out of it. My grandfathre passed away around Christmastime 1983, and the world seemed so much darker without him. Over the years, however, I can look back joyously at our time togther, and not so much think about the end. Hope it happens for you sooner than later.

(2) The poem is beautiful, bittersweet. I'll thank you to stop writing about my life:-)

SpongyBones said...

Wow! Just gets better and better over here. Sorry about the loss of your Aunt. Safe travel.

Bemused said...

I like the new banner, but what I liked most was the love story written on blue jeans... all the best with the service.

TheBirdman33 said...

Good luck in Detroit, sorry for the sad family stuff going on.

Five5six said...

The new moon shines bright
still cradling the old close
dimmed waned and near death.

Beth said...

Lovely poem.

I am sorry about your aunt.

I have many problems with Blogger. I am glad I'm not alone.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Checkin in.
Hope you are coping well.

Blancodeviosa said...

a bright blue moon of
painful longing and remorse
entwinded destinies
implorities of love lost
and galant triumph over grief
keep astride of life
and return your viviacious soul.

i hope you are well. my thoughts are with you.

i beati said...

Eric I actually left quite a few messages for you but where have they flown is the question ??

ivan said...

I especially like:

Love's words etched
on the palm of my hand,
on my head board
carved into the table
under the willow tree
weeping for the ways
love used to dance
under its sweeping bows
the memories flood
the rains caress
drop by drop
rivulets to rivers
to the heaving ocean.

I had something simillar in my own novel, Light Over Newmarket, but it was prose and nowhere near as good as the above.

I was in love with her within a month, reveling in the Tom Jones love scenes now crowding my mind. I was a thirty-nine-year-old adolescent, delighting in the little things we would do in the marketplace, the chasing of each other up sunny hillsides with the prickly pear in bloom, the cacti flowering everywhere in the early spring. When I was home in my own Americanized apartment, where the notes and equations and the typewriter sat, I saw her face in every jar, bottle, window and I kept hearing our song, Malagena Salerosa. It was about a girl of Malaga with the red petal mouth, but to me it was the girl of the red room. Valerie had been my girl of the red room, damn the English translation, for English is flat compared to a romantic yet physical language like Spanish. Valerie had indeed been my girl of the red room with her long angelic hair and the redness, the velvet plush redness of the La Fragua nightclub, with its heavy oak furniture, its escutcheons, fireplace and red, red walls. And Valerie in a white linen dress with those red, red rose flowers embroidered so beautifully on either side of an open front.

(Don't mind me. I'm just typin')

eric1313 said...

Man, I love all you guys.

I'll get with you soon.

skinnylittleblonde said...

OMG...Eric unbelievably, believable-only-from-you, undeniably absolutely beautiful.
I live it, I love it.

eric1313 said...

I still love you all.

All of these comments are wonderful to read. You are all welcome here forever.

Five5six said...

You sure that the 'stars' are an optical illusion? Looks like Jupiter.

eric1313 said...

Five six

You now, it could be...

It said on the thing I lifted the pic from that it was an optical illusion. But it sure does look like Jupiter and the Galilean Satellites.

Good looking out.

karoline said...

not knowing where to put this, i suppose this would be as good a place as any.

i'm sorry for your loss, from what i gather, she was an important factor in your life...and because of that...a little bit of her continues on in the you we've all come to love..

now that's sharing..

k:)))) (((eric)))

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