Monday, December 31, 2007

The Final Line

We've weaved some lines
lost a pocket of lucky dimes
danced a tango, did a twist
tripping long, hard and fast
down the rainbow brick road
to a strange and distant land
that might be called home.

Lines like dirty fingerprints
on glass before it breaks--
we run unfettered through
a valley of burning stars,
all of them yours forever--
or only for today.

"who's line is it again?"

"who's to say?"

The next line is mine--
by words,
by rights.
The next line is yours--
by name and number,
by the flicker of the lights.

But what comes next
is anyone's guess,
anyone's line by line
by slick, polished line.

We know what they are
and what they mean
contrast of day and night
black and white--
melting away
to zero...

The final line is written,
a smudge in the daylight
by the shaking human hand
that brought forth a vision
to fading, fractured sight.

Above: The Virgo super cluster is thought to contain a massive amount of dark matter, as predicted by the unusual way that light is refracted in this distant region of deep space. I have to take their word for it, because it looks fine to me--more galaxies than can be accurately counted, more stars than we could ever know, let alone name.

Below: Looks familiar... hmm.

And now...

British blogger Crushed by Ingsoc has seen fit to name me as a blogger with Inner Monkey.

To be a recipient of this award, you must be kind but curious, and always have the courage to question that which is presented to you. You must love and have a sense of humanity. In short, Inner Monkey is the value that has made great human beings who they are throughout our often tumultuous history.

In turn, I would like to name three more individuals who I feel share many of these same values. If I have forgotten anyone, by all means, claim your Inner Monkey with gusto. Far be it from me to misjudge a fellow primate.

Singleton at the Hippie Parade. A wonderful artist, poet and writer who I happen to share a blog with. The only blogger I know who could/would write head to head with me, as you can witness in the response boxes at our blog. Sometimes, her lines just blow me away, as she pushes her imagination beyond all reasonable limits every time she puts words to her wild, artistic visions.

Benjibopper at the blog of the same name. This writer very much sees the world from the underside up, as is noted in his care of issues regarding marginalized people from around the world. The greatest example of this is his novel in progress, tentatively titled Living in the Dirt, which I believe may be finished now. Inner Monkey in abundance.

X Dell at the X Spot. This blogger, though I have only known him a short time, very much embodies the curious and questioning aspect of Inner Monkey. From dissecting and discussing the kangaroo court espionage trial of the Rosenbergs, which he has done over a dozen or two posts, to the playing of mind-bending games that encourage his readers to use their greatest gift, the gift of curiosity, he is pure monkey through and through. And he doesn't even care if you Google the answers to said mind bending games.

Happy New year to one and all!


Ant said...

Merry christmas and a happy new year Eric! I've been remiss on comments recently but I'm still loving the poetry - all the best for the new year...

eric1313 said...

Thank you, Sir Ant!

The electronic ink has barely dried on this one, and already it has a stamp of approval.

Happy new year to you, as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Eric. Have a safe evening of revels and add more lines tomorrow. Then more and more, until your poetry fills the night sky.

eric1313 said...


I will!

I like that idea, a crawl of golden words slowly but steadily inching across the back drop of stars in the night sky... Poetry in motion!

Happy New Year to you, as well.

singleton said...

I'm off! To do the tango and the twist! Peace~love, sweet friend, and Happy, Happy New Year! Thank you for bein' my friend, my trip out of this world, and for being your poetic prophetic self! Cheers to you! Don't forget to kiss the Sky!

eric1313 said...


In the words of the late great composer James Marshall Hendrix...

Well, you already said it!

'scuse me while I kiss the sky!

Do a two-step twister with a lemon drop finale for me, OK?


Maithri said...

Dear Eric,

These words are so beautiful.

I absolutely love it.

Blessings of peace, M

eric1313 said...


Happy new year to you, my friend. Still fighting the good fight I see.

Thanks for your support and readership. I'm glad whenever I can put something up here that means something to those who read it.

Peace out, my friend.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Happy New Year! Yes, I am blogging while the rest of the world sips champagne! Yikes!!!!
Thats okay, I am off to have one more mojito-then to sleep.
I am going to read back now, on all that I missed. I will sip my mojito (I love the word, mojito!) and read away. Just know I am reading back...I won't comment as my hands are cold from being out iceskating.
Have the best 2008 Erique!

singleton said...

2008 clink!

singleton said...

There's no last call at the butterfly....
See you there

Casdok said...

Lovely post!
Happy new year!

Beth said...

Happy New Year. That blogger award fits you SO well. It's tailor made for you.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

You sum up Inner Monkey pretty admirably, I think.

Good choices, too.

Mind boggling point- If you point the Hubble Telescope one way, you can 12 Billion light years on one direction. If you point it the other, likewise. A distance between both points, you'd think, of 24 billion light years.

Yet you are looking at a time when the universe is less than 2 billion years old.

Go figure.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Eric- you have such an interesting blog, I really enjoy reading it and keeping up.

Happy New Year to you!

ann said...


the poem is fantastic... I'm being cheeky because it sounds familiar. Have you posted it before?

"The final line is written" but I don't think by any human hand; that shake of the dice is already ordained

I wish you and yours a wonderful 2008; may it be blessed with love and laughter, joy and happiness

lotsa luv ann xxxx

drips of paint said...

Happy New year to you , Eric

X. Dell said...

(1) I think you're about the only person who will ever get away with calling me a monkey. It's an honor, and thank you. Enjoyed Singleton and Benjiboppers pages The comments on both were quite interesting too.

(2) I'm guessing the second photo was from Star Wars, or a spoof of it. But the Virgo cluster is gorgeous.

(3) Happy New Year to you and yours.

eric1313 said...


Mojito sounds really nice right about now... A day after but still reeling with new wonder.

I'm glad to help warm your typing hands and your writer's heart with all my words. I'm sure you'll dig my previous offerings, as well.

A happy new year to you, Gillian. Glad to see the busiest, silliest season take a little respite.

Peace and love, friend.

eric1313 said...


2008, yes my sister it is here! With bells, whistles and globs of good love and poetics, to boot.

Thank you, my friend, for being a torch bearer and muse instructor.

The Flutterby Bar is growing full and spilling over with prosaics and poetry, lines spiraling in, twisting out, figuring eight, one, two steps at a time.

So glad to have it--our electronic notebook.

Isn't great when friends share?

eric1313 said...


Same to you! Thanks for dropping by to share the thoughts.


It surely does fit! Like the Rolling Stones song of the same line, I can hear old Keith Richards strumming away right now, only I'm singing the lead while Mick takes a little tea break.

Happy New Year to you both.

eric1313 said...


Thank you--that was at least my interpretation of it. And yes, the choices were exemplary, all of them making one think about what it is that they say, and how it pertains to life in this existence.

It is amazing, to realize that some of the parts of the universe we see are actually the beginnings, that those same points of light are now so much farther along in stellar evolution--if many of them are even there now.

It's like the universe itself IS God, it's so vast. Certainly, if god breathed life into us and made the stars burn, he is everything.

Thanks for the nod and the comments.

Have a great New Year.

eric1313 said...

Palm Springs Savant

Thank you, sir. Your blog is very interesting, as well. I love seeing the sights, and one day, I think I would love to motorcycle up and down the length of the Golden State, see the mountains and the sea, the millennium old sequoias and red woods, and everything else offered there.

Happy New Year.


No, not a repost, but perhaps a repeat of ideas. Of sharing lines with friends, writing this script, this vast prose poem called life as we go along. In that, it is old, so your cheekiness is quite alright.

Sure the final line of all is ordained, but our lines that we write in the pageantry that we share, that is yet to be seen.

Thank you for dropping by.

Peace and love to you this fine New Year.

eric1313 said...


Well, well, well, it's very nice to see you, sir! I hope you are well rested and that one day, you might return with the wonders that sing from your painter's brush.

Happy New Year to you, as well.

X Dell

Glad you didn't take umbrage to the jest. But it's more than a joke--and you will definitely not be on the inner reptile award list. That's a different story all together.

Oh yes, the Virgo Cluster is insanely big! We can't eve see all of it, it's so vast, only a little more at a time as the technology progresses. And that pesky dark matter... at least it doesn't get in the way. You can't see it, even if it's presence fits all the calculations.

A happy New Year to you. Keep on with the good fight, sir.

ivan said...

Can't touch poetry like that.
You've emerged from what appeared to be mere solipsism to
universal poetry. This poem means something to each reader of it. Reaches him/her.
I would really hesitate to put in my own line, except that working one day as a picture framer, and told not to be afraid of glass--hit it with the heel of my hand after the hairline crack already marked.. I hit the glass hard and it did not break off geometrically, as, perhaps, flint. It broke into shards. The day after I had sex with my best freend's wife. Badly cut ring finger.
So what came next was really anyone's guess.
a smudge in the daylight
by the shaking human hand
that brought forth a vision
to fading, fractured sight.

Guess I was shown something. A lesson.

Smalltown RN said...

Happy New Years to you.....I found you via Josie's blog...thought I would stop in to say hello....I enjoyed your blog...hope to be back again ....cheers

singleton said...


Bemused said...

Happy 08 Eric! Keep that inspiration coming.

That award seems so befitting.

neko said...

what comes next is anyone's guess..

so true. ^_^

hope you had a wonderful festive season, and enjoy a prosperous new year!

im sure you'll have a new car in no time flat.

Anonymous said...

I read the poem again, and there is conjuring through dualities, a kind of juggling perspective to bring her forth, also a kind of wrapping around, so like a mutual astral hug poem maybe, cool,

Cazzie!!! said...

HAppy new year back at you.... I love reading your stuff, and you know, the monkey icon suits you...mischevious and full of purpose, I like it :)

Princess Pointful said...

Greetings from the land of 2008, my friend!!
I love the list-like tone of the start of this poem. Those little items that turn into anecdotes that turn into narratives.

Hope you were able to kick of the new year in suitable fashion.

I'm decidedly uncreative at the moment. I had a post fully written in my head, but late nights have fuzzied it a little, so it may have to wait til the morning to emerge. My commenting skills are apparently on the same path...

mystic rose said...

First of all, Happy New Year to you, Eric! I was away for a bit.

And the way this whole poem starts - the first verse- is quite magical.
Lovely poem.

captain corky said...

I think I've been to that strange and distant land once or twice...

Happy New Year, Eric!

eric1313 said...


That is an excellent reading of this, and a great analogy. To be warned and then act in defiance... And to have it reflect your own life, well, you have your own story all encapsulated right there.

Thanks for the visit and for relating that story.

I'll talk to you again, soon, Ivan.

Smalltown RN

Welcome and thanks for the visit. Josie is a kind soul and a good blogger who I'm very glad to know.

It's nice having friends like that in common,huh?

eric1313 said...


Clink! The Tiki bar chronicles will become a reality...


As long as there is a pulse in this body, I will have the muse on my side, this I know.

Happy 2008 to you both.

eric1313 said...


It's your line... You get to write the pageant, line by line. Or in this case, I did, and you all came along.

Still, it's your line, friend.

And thanks for the wishes, the car will be taken care of. No problem.


That's a great description, and right on, too. This is a lot about just the writing process itself, cloaked in romanticism and metaphor, a love story about the process and how it draws people together.

Thanks for coming along for the journey, it's great to meet like minded people.

eric1313 said...


Well, you're welcome to read along anytime. I know how busy you are with the kids and all, so it's cool whenever I see you drop by.

And yes, I'm a monkey--curiosity killed the cat but the monkey lives to learn.

Take care


Greetings to you, as well. I hope your new year's party went well and didn't have the strange baggage attached to it that you described.

And the list... yes, that is so much a part of it, how the lines begin, how love begins, sometimes. All these things we want that take on a life of their own.

And do not fear, your commenting skills are mad as hell, so it's all good. Thanks for being there all the time. Your writing likewise is a fun blessing to know.

eric1313 said...

Mystic Rose

Thanks, because as a verse, I worried how it would work. Like I do about a lot of things. But then it takes off from there. Almost an essay and a poem.

Happy 2008 to you, as well. See you soon.

Captain Corky

It's a great place to be, that land long, long ago, far far away.

That's where it all starts and ends with me, too. Anywhere but this rock.

Take it easy, everyone. It's passing out time.

benjibopper said...

wow, how ironic i should win this now. i just had an argument with my cousin about monkeys, which was odd, sardonic yet tense. started when my wife told the story of a priest who told us "Jesus is the monkey king" drawing a parallel to an old southeast asian story about a heroic king of monkeys.

My cousin said something like: well, monkeys aren't so different than humans.

Me: really?

Cuz: sure.

Me: I dunno, that 2 percent DNA seems to make a big difference.

Cuz: well, they're very complex, have different cultures.

Me: you mean they fling their poo differently in different places?

Cuz: yes, that's what I mean by culture: poo flinging. no, they behave differently in different populations. it's been documented in peer-reviewed academic literature, as opposed to being something i just made up.

Me: okay, but still, i just can't quite see monkeys as the saviour of man.

[note, there was some beer involved in the above exchange.]

On the other hand, maybe monkeys will be our saviour. In other words, I am honoured. My cousin, who now seems to think I hate monkeys, will be perplexed. I dedicate this award to him, who loves all animals and refuses to eat them or their products.

Charles Gramlich said...

My favorite poem from you thus far. Congrats on the award.

MyUtopia said...

LOL, inner monkey! That is awesome!

eric1313 said...


That is really ironic. But funny that you brought it up. They say 90% of our DNA isn't manifested, that's it's a lot of genetic "spam'.

But many ideas from books and movies come from it. The most memorable one to me was "Akira", about unlocking all the power from each of our ancestors from the billions of years of evolution.

But you and the rest deserve the monkey on your backs!

Thanks for being bloggers.

eric1313 said...


Thanks! This one was inspired by the creative process, so I was glad it was well received.


Jealous? Ha. Thanks for the laugh and the visit. The irony here is you aren't jealous, but you have your own inner monkey!

Thank you both for the visit.