Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Greatest Love Poem Ever Written...

Is the verse that no words gave birth to, lines that pass from eye to bluest eye, stanzas that are felt in every tremble, pauses that breathe as deep as we do, hoping against all that there will be no crying end to this ecstatic beginning--

Truth and ecstasy versus the inevitable fall from grace are the flesh of these words.

My heart stumbles on its own beat, but it will beat ever onward, with or without the light that made it stop for that infinite second where everything it ever was was reborn, the universal chaos finally given order...

Line by line--

like these words
but with no end in sight

What waits in the dark is another story.

A feeling as grand as creation itself lies still in the palms of my mortal hands.

(dust, but dust with meaning, as are the hands of my love)

Tears as hot as the tears of a burning heaven, falling toward the fire that beckons them through the night. I recognize at once what it is that makes me live and die and live again, moment to aching, elated, anticipated moment...

A song from the darkness,
eyes lit like two suns,
gleaming like twin moons
a perfect world of two.

The greatest love poem ever written,
and no one can know the hour of the end.

Above: Comet McNaught falling toward the horizon, like a tear of heaven, against the blazing auroral sky.

Below: A passing of the Moon against the background of the Andromeda galaxy. Heavenly bodies are beautiful to behold, are they not?

This is my 100th post. That's a lot of bad poems! I figured it would call for something extra cool, so I saved this poem for it. It takes some perspicacity to name a poem what I named this one. But if anyone can do it, I can. Hubris is my middle name.

I have to thank all of you for your support, respect, honor, comments both funny and insightful, and just your presence.

May you all get what you like and what you love this holiday season, no matter what that may be.

Peace and love.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Bless you, Eric. I am so glad to be blogging with you. That image of hot tears--love goes that way so often, but it isn't always a bad thing, just hard. Merry Christmas.

distractedspunk said...

Way to...jeez. Hah. I don't even know what to say. Have a safe trip. We'll talk soon.

captain corky said...

Amazing as always, and congrats Eric!

eric1313 said...

Enemy of the Republic

Right, it's intensity, sometimes, that's what makes it so bad and so good. Like pain--it can be bad or good, too. It depends on the circumstances.

And I love blogging with you, too. You are a great friend who thinks and makes others think.

eric1313 said...


It's like StereoscopicSpunk. Chatting and answering your comment at the same time.

What do you mean it's sad? ;)

You have a safe trip, too. Take care and we'll talk more, I'm certain.

eric1313 said...

Captain Corky

Thanks for the comments. I hope the move went smooth, considering the holidays and all.

ivan said...

Well, it's got to be a great poem at least.

And the blog makes me think of Joni Mitchell:
"Does the moon play only silver
As it strums the galaxies."

Those bitch geniuses are so much better than you or me.

Heard about your car catching fire and ruining half you plans for Christmas.
I am truly sorry to hear about that, my friend.
I guess all you can do now is "The Red Queen Arabesque": run like hell to stay in the one place.

It's all we're doing here on this wretched full moon.

...And I think I've just drunk myself sober...Where the hell am I going to go now? LOL.

eric1313 said...


It has been many years since I've gotten that drunk. I don;t miss waking up drunk, though. That was not good at all.

But the problem with genius is we can't make it always work. It happen on accident and you just have to watch for it, and know when to push something just right to get the most from it.

Thanks about the prose poem hybrid. I hoped it was OK.

Later on, Ivan

Peace out.

gingatao said...

Your hubris is well justified by your poems. Rage On Eric! Onto the next hundred!

singleton said...

Ahhhh, Eric, 100th post and a fireworks show in your engine....

like these words
but with no end in sight

What waits in the dark is another story"

Wishing you peace, my friend, for the holidays, and a roadtrip home, somehow....

And thanking you for the gifts, the words, the stories, lined up everywhere, stacked in glittered bags, neon lit, flowing, a 99 post roadtrip....and the party along the way!

Merry Christmas Friend

Manic Street Preacher said...

i LOVE this, this Holy Matrimony of words upon words to ebb and flow of the momentum hate pain and bliss that love is.


ea monroe said...

Merry Christmas, Eric. Thanks for sharing all your poems! ~Liz

Five5six said...

As above, so below

Congrats on 100!

Charles Gramlich said...

I enjoyed the poetry, and great images. I love that moon against the galaxy pic.

Princess Pointful said...

Happy 100 posts.
And it is only appropriate to be as ostentatious as possible in its title.
Because it does have all the elements of one great love poem, including one hell of a kick off line and some beautiful images.

Palm Springs Savant said...

wow, very cool. newbie to your blog today, just catching up and reading thru. Congrats on the milestone..and nice work too

Josie said...

Eric, congratulations on your 100th post. Now, my friend, I want to hear you posting some happy love poems. Haven't we all had our share of unhappiness? It's time for you to be happy. Young and happy!

Merry Christmas!


Bemused said...

Happy 100th post! And congratulations on the milestone and what a fitting poem it is.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

maleah said...

"Tears as hot as the tears of a burning heaven..."

Something about that line really struck me. Perhaps because of the juxtaposition. Anyway, for me it is the thing I take away from this to ponder. Theif I am.

I made it back around. Time off from work and all...

Merry Christmas to the most prolific poet and blogger extroidinaire.

May you get thoughts, words, and blessings in your stockings. Or at least something in stockings.


Beth said...

Happy 100th and Merry Christmas, Eric!

eric1313 said...


Thank you for the ringing endorsement, kind sir.

I will indeed rage on.

And you as well.


I have to thank you, too. I was lost and found a friend like you, somebody to write with head to head. A free spirit on a kite string, by the ocean, the mistress of all tides and the four winds.

And as for the road trip, it's on tomorrow at six AM. I'm bound for the big D and I'll be back before six PM.

Meet you there! Porch party on the eve of the Lord's birth.

eric1313 said...


Always good to see you, my friend!

You described it perfectly. Matrimony of hate, spite, passion, desire and angst, I'd say, but you got it!

Thanks for the visit and talk to you soon.

EA Monroe

And a very merry Christmas to you.

So glad you could make it by.

Take care!

eric1313 said...

Five Six

Thank you for the read. And the stuff at your page is very informative, sir ShortStop.

You take care on this Christmas. I'll be out that way, but I don't know for how long. My engine caught fire the other night, so things are sucking hardcore right about now.

Say wud up to the rest of the clan. I hope we'll all meet up later, sometime.


Thanks again for the stop and the read.

I loved that pic for a while and had no idea where to use it. This post was the one, since that shot was a one in a lifetime. Never seen one like it.

I still wonder if it's not photoshopped, but the proportion looks right. I could still be a fake.

Thanks and talk to you later.

eric1313 said...


As always so glad you've been here to read almost everything. And you always look for an angle nobody else has yet approached.

I loved the way it began, too. Reminded me of a classic poem, you know? Something slightly Beat about it, though it's not Beat at all.

Peace out, you!

Palm Springs Savant

Thanks for the visit! I hope the reading is up to snuff. I try to write as well as I can, even if it ends up as bad poetry.

Talk to you soon.

eric1313 said...


You didn't see the fifty or so happy love poems I wrote? This place is littered with the debris of a contented heart!

But I'll try to be a little more upbeat for you, my friend.

Take care, you hear?


Thank you kindly for your sweet comments about the poem. So glad you dropped by the first time. Like magic, a writer popping fully formed from the beyond...

And Merry Christmas to you both!

eric1313 said...


I'm so glad to see you here, my friend! You rock.

Thieve all the lines you want from me. I'll dream up ten more to take it's place. I liked that, to. It does pull in heaven as well as the burning below, to give my writing the weight of an eternal afterlife.

And I hope for the stockings wish! That'll inspire words and thoughts, so it'll all be covered.
Take care!


Thank you for your reading here. This one was prosaic enough to step away from the traditional poem form. Glad you liked it.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night/morning/evening whathaveya in your part of the world.

karma lennon said...

Wow, oh wow.....left me a little breathless with the intensity....actually you kind of took my words away which doesn't happen

Merry Christmas, take care! Peace&love

Crashdummie said...

wow, ur 100th post - congrats mate!

as always, a piece of art, a glimpse of the creativity within... :)

Happy holidays!

singleton said...

"The door to the ordinary places was the door that I had missed"

clink! ta!dah! A Christmas Eve of Sunshine and All my Friends are Going to be Strangers! Hope Detroits good to ya! Merry Christmas Eric!

X. Dell said...

You've written bad poems? Must have been before I started reading here.

I've always loved to watch heavenly bodies. Used to have a Hubble screensaver, full of great shots. I should download it again.

eric1313 said...

Karma Lennon

Well may the words find you again soon, since I hate to take what isn't mine.

But breathless? That's OK. As long as you regain it enough to think and make those words that I didn't mean to take, everything will be fine.

Take care!

kj said...

I'll be reading this slowly after the hustle-bustle of the holiday.

merry christmas, eric.


eric1313 said...


Glad to see you as always, my friend. I hope you enjoyed it. And soon I'll have more. As soon as these responses are cleared up, I'll do that and be over to see what you are4 up to.

Cheers, mate!



"She looked great. Jill had only to was her face to look fresh and intelligent and lovely, and she had washed her face."

OMG, to be that good of a writer. McMurtry really is one of the greats. Glad you liked it--I knew you would. And the stuff about ElChevy, Uncle Laredo, Godwin Loyd-Johns, Razzy Hutton, Emma and Flap, and of course those dastardly Texas Rangers...

Great, brilliant stuff.

And I made it home just in time to get one out there for Christmas.

A merry one to you, my friend.


eric1313 said...

X Dell

Most of them are that way... Well, they're OK... I guess. =D

A Hubble screensaver? Sounds like a program that's right up my alley.

Thanks for the words, as always.


eric1313 said...

Miss KJ

I'll welcome you back any time, my friend, I know it's a busy night for all of us.

Glad to see you.

Take care, OK?

RubyShooZ said...

My heart stumbles along with yours at times and just think, they might be stumbling together at the same time!

I'm wishing you and all your readers the best of everything here today - peace, joy, love, beauty, happiness and understanding. Have a beautiful new day and new year as well.

You are loved.

~ RS ~

eric1313 said...


Thank you for the stop, my friend. I'm glad to see you out and about.

What a beautiful way of expressing that--stumbling along together. My heart has fallen and stumbled and slurred and hiccuped.

But I'm glad to know I'm loved. That gives me hope!

Thank you.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Maybe Hudibras, would be more apt?

I don't know if you are a fan of spenser's Faerie queene, or Butler's Hudibras, but there is Don Quixote type knight in these poems with that name (obv from the word hubris)

I quite looking watching the sky myself. I love it when I spot a planet.

eric1313 said...


I've not heard of Hudibras, but I'll have to check it out after this. I'll definitely Google it and see if I can find it floating around.

Yeah, I just thought the title was a little on the bombastic side. But, it did work out pretty well, so I can't complain, can i?

As for heavenly bodies, I have a small telescope that really is only good for seeing the moon, but you can make out the four larger moons of Jupiter with it.

By eye it can be hard to spot planets, but I sometimes can find them. If they move into the right constellations, that makes it a lot easier.

Thanks for the visit. Peace out.

Sandy Kessler said...

All 3 piece sensational and added to my memory booklet thanks sandy

eric1313 said...


No problem at all. I'm glad you like them.

Take care of yourself, Sandy.

karoline said...

the greatest love poem ever written, was read, was felt, passed through me like electricity, imprinted and absorbed, within my chest...i luved it muchly, as i do all your work eric...

thankyou for sharing yourself with us...such a decadent piece of chocolate saved for midnite, when there is no one around to have to share it with...


Spataru said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from love poem.