Friday, December 7, 2007

Into The Light

...she stepped up boldly,
the wind and a feather
with blue sapphire eyes.

the wind tells her this:
dance, into the fire
you will not be harmed
dance, into the rain
you will be forgiven.

the feather drifts--
blue eyes lingering on...
like clouds brooding over
the windswept plains
waiting to let go
of their ancient burden.

her feather drifts
floats, bobs, sways--
my eyes follow her
even to the places
they shouldn't follow;
the river carries on
to feed the ocean
with it's muddy love.

in weeks we will enter
the season of the flames
everything will endure
a trial by fire of its own.

a crow flies overhead
but I will not die this night
as long as she loves me,
her feather on the wind
I will run forever chasing


long and lingering
into the light.


Things will be OK, no matter what.

My aunt and I both thank you for your thoughtful words and feelings. I'll answer you back later today and visit you all as soon as I possibly can. Take care.


Ant said...

Take it easy big guy...

Princess Pointful said...

This poem is so sad given the context, Eric... but I see a little hope seeping through.
Best wishes.

Maithri said...

Spectacular words and the feeling behind them is palpable...

The river feeding the ocean with muddy love....

Ahhhh that is wonderful

Love and light to you and your dear Aunt,

Be safe, M

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

No words. No ringing phone. Silence has become the night tune.

The muddy water is flowing and in that water great sadness.

I wish you both well.


eric1313 said...


Thanks for the words. Letting go is a tough thing! I'm not letting go of her now, but I feel like I'm in a crisis, that it will be time to face a future without someone I love.

Then there's everything else, life happening in spite of the great plan. Glad to have this to remind me of all the others out there, who live and breathe and suffer losses and gains. Thank you all for that.


Actually, this was a draft from a while ago, from back in the summer.
I think my current alterations are to blame for all the sad connotations in it.

But there is hope, as long as there is a lingering light. And I see plenty of light right now.

Not just the monitor, either.

Take care

eric1313 said...


Thank you for the wishes, my friend.

I like rivers, they make great symbols, of division, or mobility, obstacles and wild forces that can be harnessed.

In this case, I thought of an aerial shot of the Amazon flowing into the sea. The water stays muddy for thirty miles or so. Craziness!

Good stuff in this instance, though.


Every drop mixes,
the small sadness
trickles and runs
flowing to the great sorrow
the sea of one night's eternity.

So often we don't give ourselves the chance at having, even for a moment, beauty like this. And when we get the chance, we lose it.

Don't lose the chance. Take your chances and run with them.

Take care of yourself, as well.

singleton said...

"I will run forever chasing


long and lingering
into the light"

fall into the light,
chase it,
call it,
whisper it's name...

"Don't lose the chance. Take your chances and run with them."

Wishing you peace and love, my friend,
and chances

eric1313 said...


My friend,
you quote some powerful magic
all the way around

Always glad to see you.

On the Wire In the Pocket

I grasp for it, everywhere
but then I lose my balance
and my hands come up empty
For this I know I am
the only one to blame

You hear the accusation of my
Detroit machine gun
my typewriter

So do my neighbors.

They love it less than you do.

The nights alone count
like years end on end,
scratches that tell a story of time
each one a tale of a life time spent.

For this, I am to blame.

Each word spelled perfectly--
on the wire, in the pocket.
And if the letters don't seem
to spell the story all out,
the bullets, the noise
and the smoke will do the rest.

It's a new day
time to write something pretty
something that will explode

Like "I love you"
stitched on the wall with bullets

Just don't stand in the way
and everything will keep it's
strange beauty.

That's where these scars come from
losing my balance
and then the way.

Sandy Kessler said...

2 beautiful souls sympatico you 2

eric1313 said...


Yes, it's two at the right place, the right time.

It's everything perfect, even for only a short time, before it's all over with.

Thank you for your words, my friend.


Bemused said...

I sense acceptance in these words, possibly of the inevitable; perhaps it's my interpretation of the dance into the fire and rain.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words :).

eric1313 said...


No problem on the visits.

And yes, that was about it. You know the fire is there, it's how well you walk through it that counts.