Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Then You Would Know

If you could hear the symphony
that I've heard all my life
that nobody else has ever heard;
the thunders or the sighs...

If you could see a perfect painting
but not just one--
all the hims and hers lined up
telling you their stories
what's true from first light
and the lines they made up
the night before...

If you could stand on the lip of a canyon;
a trench filled with living and dead
and still think that there's a way out
without adding another to the pile
to litter anothers' long march
in the hazy direction called home...

If you could look down a volcano's throat
often enough to talk about the heat
in teacher says tones
while the pot simmers on the burner
no pizza tonight,
maybe tomorrow.

If you could live through the seasons
that I've laughed
and groaned
and gritted through

Summers I've kissed
lived and told
and took to heart
to the oldest alter we've known.

If you could only know
what time itself meant
before knowing the value
of its pace,
its breath
and what it would mean
if we could make it lie still,
if only for one moment

If only

Then you would know.
(or do you already?)

And I could stop trying to think of
a better way to end this
sorry bunch of inadequate lines.

I had hoped it would be easier than this--

Once again, I have thank you all. It's not looking good right now, but we won't stop hopng for the best. My Aunt Theresa has lived quite a long life and accomplished much. One can only hope the best for a briliant soul such as hers. Thank you all for you thoughts, and everything else. Sorry if there's any hold up correspondence, I haven't been able to even focus on an email for one second. Soon, I'll have rejoined the ranks of both the real world and the e-world.
But I think about you all the time, right?


Sandy Kessler said...

I like if yous -- also everything happens for a reason - some we just do not understand . but a greater power does. its just that we are never ready .I hope the stress of it all lessens for all of you.

morbidneko said...

i cant help but ask... "what then?"

if i could see all you have seen, i suppose i would have better understanding.

i like what you said about "teacher says tone". made me smile, coz i know what you mean.

if i had experienced all you have, would we be the same person?

Ant said...

Sorry eric, just checked in after a break and read about your aunt.

Sad times through bereavement seem to be hitting a lot of people in my social circles right now and I've nothing but sympathy for you.

Without knowing the situation, I hope that whatever happens she (and you) have peace. I like your philosophical take and agree with it - I love the way people's lives touch when thinking about such things. In a small way I now know about your aunt and believe she was a good person, so she has touched my life too. That's the legacy and the light.

Princess Pointful said...

I'm glad you are able to reflect back on her life, accomplishments, and spirit at this time.
I'm also glad you may be able to find some solace in putting pen to paper... this was a beautiful poem, with such a poignant, sad ending.

Much love, as always.
We'll be thinking of you, too.

singleton said...

"If you could only know
what time itself meant
before knowing the value
of its pace,
its breath
and what it would mean
if we could make it lie still,
if only for one moment"

The if that could
change everything

Wishing you peace my friend, and love....
in these times

karma lennon said...

I like this. And it's interesting because I just wrote something the other day about time (just didn't post it)...I like yours better though. :)

Hang in there. Peace&love.

Brian said...

Eric, I have always seen this painting and shook my head. 'Liberty' is an abstract and one that is not without cost.

We all the symphony lines in our heads, the lines that ramble on endlessly.

Hope for the best and pray that life has been lived in full.


Crashdummie said...

"If only"...

that summarizes a lot of my feelings at the moment. Sending lot of thoughts to you & your aunt Eric. Take care…

ivan said...

Your aunt must have been quite a insightful person if your inherited
intellect is any example.

Maithri said...

May love curve around you and your family now...

like hands closing in prayer,


Princess Pointful said...

And still some more love, because I figure that's one of those things you can't get oversaturated with.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Stepping inside the mind of another is, of course, truly impossible.

Still, one has to wonder whether empathy can be formally measured in some way. I guess not, but I guess it doesn't really need to be, so long as it is of assistance.

Chin up, Sir.

skinnylittleblonde said... first paragraph had me!
If is a two-lettered word, a disadvantaged fourletter word & if all these things were possible I can't help but wonder if a sigh to one would not be a breeze to another & thunder, just a mumble. p&l deep eric.

eric1313 said...

All of you.

I really do love all of you.

In a totally professional amateur blogger kind of way, of course.

Peace be with you all.