Saturday, December 29, 2007

Your Love is an Angry God

Are you there, my veiled silhouette?

In the darkness,

I have walked away,
and see the vultures
circling to the feast,
see the sun blazing,
see the storm's rage
sans the pure rains...

There is no water,
not here.

There is no more you,
for me.

In all this earthly
desert--this waste,
I hear only one truth:

Your love
is an angry god.

Your eyes are
story tellers--
my love most broken
remembers all of this:

Your body
so warm it burns.

Your taste...





To the blown sands,
like my footsteps toward home
through these most bitter of wastes.

Top: Two galaxies in mid collision. Their names were not listed where I could find them, but one day that won't matter. There will only be one. It shall be called the Highlander galaxy.

Middle: Ahh... Daylight on Saturn's moon Titan as seen by the Huygens probe. A rare pic, to be certain. The average distance from the sun is 1.4 billion kilometers, or eleven times as far as the Earth's distance. That makes for some cold winter nights.

Below: Footsteps in the sand--as transient a thing as humanity could ever know.

Thank you all for your excellent comments. Party on! It's new years. Have a drink on my tab.


Cazzie!!! said...

Yourmind is so amazing, how could one possible get indside of it? I know, just a glimpse, from reading your poetry..still, it seems like such a drop in the Ocean ...great wrds alongsidse the imagery yet again :)

eric1313 said...


You are always welcome to attempt to plumb the depths. It's not that bad of a place, as long as you can handle a zillion things going on at once.

One day, I'll have to get one of my psych friends to prescribe something to help me focus. Then the world had best watch out!

Thank you, as always, friend.

ivan said...

I can't tell the daylight on Saturn's moon from the footsteps, but I have stood on the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan and saw similar things.
I think the Aztecs knew something.
Feathered serpents teaching me paleontology.
Don Juan talking to a "verdura"--vegetable-- that was me. Old hippie me.

And your poem. Desolate,alien landscape of the heart. The terrible loss.

Only by fighting...
For twenty years?

It can be done.

eric1313 said...


That Mexico trip changed your life, didn't it? It's prominent in your blog writing and in your novels.

I would love to walk the step to the pyramid of the Sun or the Moon and snap pictures of everything along the way. Teotihuacan is set up within two or three degrees of the prime directions, almost perfect, and withing tolerances of today's surveying standards. The Aztecs and the Toltecs had their heads in the right place, even if their hearts were a little screwy.

Yeah, there isn't much difference in those pics, is there? I was thinking wasteland when I put both of them up, so it's nice to see that the theme carried through.

Yeah, this is a sad one. But I'm not overly sad myself. Was just in a poignant mood.

Josie said...

Eric, you are brilliant. Just brilliant. But.... why are the young always so heartbroken? Life, love, lust, .... it's all meant for the young! The looking back at lost love is for old folks, not you young - dare I say - studs? Heh.

Go out and make some memories, live and love in the four corners of the earth! Write about it. You have plenty of time later to look back in poignancy.

Believe me, I know!

singleton said...

clink you!
"Are you there, my veiled silhouette?'

eric1313 said...


Stud? I'll accept that. But I'm waiting for the right one, not the OK one or the maybe one. The right woman. And she will be here shortly--whoever she is...

I actually liked this poem a lot! Writing sad, pignant stuff worked for the bluesmen--BB king has seventeen kids across the states! That's pretty good for a guy who writes what he terms "lonesome songs".

But thank you for the most hi compliments, my friend. Glad you enjoyed this one.

Take care!


Yes, I wrestled with that line mightily... I hope it worked.

So what did you think of the rest?

Princess Pointful said...

I think silhouette may be on of my favourite words.

And the notion of being so close to that edge that vultures notice? Brilliant.

Happy New Year to you, too, Eric. I am going to be sad when the New Year brings new obligations, though.

(I am sulking because my holidays are slowing coming to an end)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The poem trails into the image perfectly. There is a kind of grandness, vastness in the poem and traces of her, ephemeria, very beautiful composed piece.

Edyta said...

I LOVE IT, Eric!
I know this is a bit off topic but this poem reminded me of... Mae West :D all of her quotes have at least 3 meanings :) so has ur poem, i mean, i read it & was devoured by a wave of romanticism but when i read the explanation, everything got a different meaning, ya know? This is awesome! I love it!

Enemy of the Republic said...


This got me where I lived--the title alone is awe inspiring, but the poem does it justice. I relate, but I will not say on the internet WHY I do.

You rock, dude.

Casdok said...

Beautiful words and pictures.

iamnasra said...

Its me who is an admirer of your words..Thank you for all the writing you do ..Have great new year ..

Charles Gramlich said...

Great words and pics. You have no idea how big a tab I can run up, though.

Bemused said...

I liked the veiled silhouette, and how it ties in to the transience. Powerful imagery here.

X. Dell said...

It would be cool if the footprints were on Triton. But that's my frame of mind.

Funny. But I've always thought of love as an angry goddess. Must be my male chauvinist streak showing.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I think disciplined, relentless worship is the only solution here.

Crashdummie said...

”Your Love is an Angry God”

That says it all – how many times have you not thought and felt it… and the pics, dude, just rub it in will ya! You can feel the hoplessness, and the confusion, the agony just by watching the pics…

Have a creative new year mate! Cheers

lance said...

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. May God bless all your endeveurs. Your poems seem to come from a deeper place than I can imagine. Your words bring out the raw emotion and feelings we all feel. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

singleton said...

26 1/2 hours left of this year as we know it, how wild is that? JSYK thank you for waterfalls,my poetic prophetic friend, 2007 is definately goin' down in words!


eric1313 said...


awww... You know I'll miss you if you were to evaporate! But you obligations are great, and I'm cheering for you always, on all levels. One day, it will all be worth it.

I think you are right--the vultures see more that the intangible bond lost... they smell blood, the see the shadow lengthening as the sun drops. The silhouette is laughing but none hear it, only the ghost of the laugh escapes the bottle it lives inside.

Thank you for being you.


Thank you. Ephemeria... I know this, it's there, like her, off to the side, gone but still there. Again, the ghost of the laugh, the shadow of her smile in the back of the mind.

I did wrangle with every line. Nothing arcane, all of it straightforward, but pointing still in may directions. Lost in the desert.

Glad you dropped by.

eric1313 said...


Mae West is perfect and nothing is ever off topic. I love every connection made.

And you are so welcome! With ecstatic words like this, you are always, always welcome here. I'm so glad you dig my writing.

Take care and drop by any time.

Enemy of...

You rock, too, my friend.

So glad you got it. It's nice to get got! And I knew I had a good thing going when I named it. This one is personal as all heck. I wouldn't want to discuss all it's meanings. Not the deepest ones, anyway.

Talk to you soon.

eric1313 said...


Welcome and come back any time! I always have treats for everybody.


I will have a great new year!

For you to say you are an admirer is like the sun telling me it's done with it's job when I fall asleep.

Thank you for your visits. So glad you came by.

eric1313 said...


Well, I can't afford much so let's all run it up and run! If they catch me, I'll wash dishes for a while. No biggie.

Peace out.


So much is transient, it's hard to know when what we think we have is actual and real. That was a huge part of this one at it's core.

It's a good painting in words. Thank you for you readings here.

eric1313 said...

X Dell

I wish that too. If I ever get a good photoshop program, I'll have to do that, drum up my own evidence of extraterrestrial life.

god, goddess? It's all good. For this instance, it was as though love were not at all what I thought it was. It was almost alien.

But the human shadow remains, physical remnants in memory.

Ultra Toast

It could be one solution. Certainly, that's better than wandering unto death. But perhaps the gods could use a good old fashioned deposing in this instance.

Darn idols!

eric1313 said...


So glad you made it, my busy friend.

Yes, it's like something we cannot control. Indeed it was something out of the narrator's hands.

Thank you for the compliments, my friend. You are, as always, the bomb!

Cheers, mate.


Thank you. Sometimes I start with just words and they find their way to meaning, sometimes a purpose burns beneath the surface and I have a plan to follow. This one was an unfortunate plan.

But it turned out well. It was actually quite therapeutic at the time of writing it.

Bless you, take care.

eric1313 said...


Less than that now, my friend. We are on our way to a new stretch of eternity. And you, are helping me so much. Together, we reach new heights.

To know you is to know new parts of myself. And for that, I am most thankful.



i beati said...

I will do just that !!!!Thanks Eric and many many blessed days ahead for thou and moi !!

karma lennon said...

Amazingly sad and aches of loneliness and yes some anger....nice imagery in this one, very nice imagery....Happy New Year, friend! Clink!

Larissa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

The photos are beautiful.

eric1313 said...


Thank you for your visits.

Of course, have a few on my tab!

And yes there will be many more ahead of us, glorious days filled with poetics and love.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...



Happy New Year to you.

Thank you for your visits, Karma.

This one? Yeah, a bit of anger, but mostly a sense of moving on, despite not know what way to go.

Take care and have a great celebration.

eric1313 said...


Welcome and I thank you for your comment.

I always try to have the best pics possible with my posts.

Hope to see you around some more.

Peace out.

sandy said...

you always bring me so much sensuality through these powerful words thanks for that noone else like you and your alter

eric1313 said...


I'm so glad to share things that make you feel better. It's a rough road that you are on, but you have spirit in abundance.

Thank you for being a good reader! I'll always respect that.

And sensual? That's a nice description. I'll always try to be that way, my friend. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I truly loved this piece. It resonated incredibly strongly. The imagery and ideas of love as a silhouette to fit one's self in - it just boggles my mind, as though we're all looking for the right person to fit within.

eric1313 said...


I knew you'd dig it--it's fairly topical, universal.

Love can just be such a damned mystery, you know? It's movements, it's ebb and flow... One thinks they can control it, yet control lies firmly in it's tender iron grip.

And then it's gone--and all we have is the abstract image of what it is that we that we think we want.

Complicated. And none less so for my rambling. The poem says it a lot better, no?

Take care, you.

neko said...

the imagery rocks, the message is saddening..

you were right, morbidneko lives in this alley..

this piques my interest - what could have happened to you to inspire these words..?

Facebook ID -> Search for Cheizette Husselmann.

<3 <3 <3

mystic rose said...

this is intensity and apssion. wow!

i just totally love it. thunderstorms can be so personal, its true. :)

eric1313 said...


You don't want to know... Maybe you do want to know, but I'll just let the poem talk about it right now.

I figured you'd like it, though--morbid or not! Glad you dropped back by to read it.

Have a great new year.


Thanks, it's one of my favorites right now. I hope it's a spring board to even more emotionally compelling works as yet unsurfaced.

And it's good to see you back around--I was worried!

Take care, both of you.

Princess Pointful said...

Not doing a tremendously good job of not appearing to stalk you... I was just catching up on Crushed's blog, and I found this:
"I'll second the no romance over the blogs part. I had a pursuer who turned resentful openly toward me. "
I need no details--- I am just perplexed that I was so very oblivious!
I guess it is easy to see how someone may be swept up in words.

Anyways, wish me luck on flying out tomorrow... life is less tolerant of such interferences, it wants me back now!!

eric1313 said...


You are doing fine--as I said to you, I look like a lost puyppy following you around as well. You just have that sweet heart and mind and the right words to express them with. I couldn't ask for a cooler friend than you.

And I love this method of talk. It's our own special pen pal system, our own email, opur own Q&A.

It truly is priceless and I relish the thoughts we share.

Peace and love