Thursday, January 10, 2008

An Accusation

You did it...
You crept through
mile high grasses tonight,
Cheshire leopardess queen
changing your spots in
perfect symmetry and hue.

I read the swaying leaves,
felt your ocean's breeze
as my eyes opened up
a bottle or two,
and were drunk from your
electric grace--
lovelight undercover,
your evocative brew.

It could only be you,
behind the gold curtain
pulling these heart strings,
flipping the switches--
tick tock right through,
made my eternity now,
and right then I knew...

Brown eyes forever
trump my fallen blues,

An angel in the light
you say this I am,
and I say that you
wear my guilt like
a charm bangle
jangling our tune.

I knew it was you--
mystery shadow dancer
breathless new view,

Tell me again...
to fill the intimate spaces
between these moments
and tomorrow's risen blue,
Tell me again...
how you always just knew
that love's light is born
from the darkness
again and again
and again...

It was you.


Lisa said...

Hey, I'm the first one! Fancy that. I love this part best -

and I say that you
wear my guilt like
a charm bangle
jangling our tune.

You have an addiction, my friend. Haha.

eric1313 said...


Yes the spotlight comment is on you this day. And what do you do with it? You flaunt my addiction. As if the burden of shame I wear like a rhinestone-studded version of Jacob Marley's chains were not enough...

I love that verse, too. It's lyrical and really has a flow of it's own.

Peace out, friend.

Bemused said...

"Brown eyes will forever
trump my falling blues,"

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I like the implied sensuality here, the power play...

Merelyme said...

monorail cats are so silly in all their grandeur.

your poem is simply breathtaking. i am sure that the lady for whom you write is very grateful for your wondrous words.

X. Dell said...

Wow. I thought, for a moment, I was on Libby's page.

The poem makes me wax nostalgic...unfortunately. I have a very shiny nostalgic, by now.

Lana Gramlich said...

*ROFL @ Monorail cat!*

singleton said...

"It could only be you,
behind the gold curtain
pulling these heart strings,
flipping the switches--"

I can see that
going from grainy black
and white
to full
hear the charms janglin'.....

Clink! My friend, just beautiful

eric1313 said...


As do I--and you picked the best verse for that sensuality to be expressed.

Yes it is a playful poem, indeed.


I love cats, too. And that one is one of the most memorable.

Thank you about the poem. Actually, I don't write them for anyone person. I write with my friend Singleton, but I'm very much single.

If I do have a poem about someone, I don't say that out loud! But thank you.

Take care.

eric1313 said...

X Dell

Nostalgia is a good thing, the shinier the better.

Yeah, I dropped by there and saw. She loves the lolpets, doesn't she?


Monorail Cat is a hit! By all means, you can copy any pic you like. God knows I lift enough of them off the net.

eric1313 said...


As always, I'm glad to have you as a friend. We write some amazing stuff, each of us. Of course, the butterfly bar is filled with so many bright wings...

And our work catches on. People love it.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The poem has a lovely rhythm to it.

"Cheshire leopardess queen"

So many questions..

Yes. I hate text speak with a passion.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, I love it Eric!!!
Have a wonderful weekend away mate :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric,

I do hope your weekend away in rehab pays dividends. The awful addiction of love when combined with lolpets is very difficult to overcome. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of need.



Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, bizarre but funny pics. Good poem, btw,

Marissa said...

I love that poem. Something about it really speaks to me on a deep level--so much so I'm not sure what it is. Thank you for sharing.

And thank you so much for my new header. I'm indebted to you!

ivan said...

Wonderful poem.
If I were still proprietor of my old publishing company, I would certainly have printed it.
Top drawer!

And the cats are most cool.

Sandy Kessler said...

evocative a word I've missed. I'm feeling the love !!!in this verse

eric1313 said...


Thank you. As always, the rhythm of the most importance to me, as much as the content and the depth of interpretation.

I hate text speak, as well. But, it's fun to dabble in. Especially in the case of Cheezburgers!


I will, I already did. I'm glad I can steal a few moments to say hi to you all.


eric1313 said...


Thank you for the stop as well as the prayers of healing! Glad to see you around the net.

Yes, I'm jonesing for love, that's for sure. Always in such short supply. Guess I shouldn't use it all up as fast as I get it!


Yes, they are weird. I'll try to find a new post to bury this shameful part of my past.

But thanks about the poem.

Peace out

eric1313 said...


You owe me nothing, my friend. Just glad that you liked it. And I'll drop by to say hello soon and see it.

And always I'm glad to have my writing reach the deepest waters of someone's soul. That makes me happiest of all.

Wishes of healing to you!

Take care!


Thank you, as always. I'm glad I still have the touch. I guess I've been on a roll as of late.

Hard to tell, of course. Things seem slow around here. Maybe it's the scarry bunny. The beast of Bannockburn tends to do that.

eric1313 said...


I'm so glad you feel the love, as this poem is all about it.

Peace and love to you on this January weekend after the new moon.

karma lennon said...

Accusations of love-beautiful. You always inspire me, Eric. Now I feel a need to go write. I'm certainly in a perfectly blissful place for it. Also love the kitties! :)

eric1313 said...


Inspiration is perhaps the greatest form of flattery in my eyes. Thanks for the word and talk to you soon.

Princess Pointful said...

Huh?? Where is my disappearing comment? Damn it!
(I'm still Number 1, though, right, even with disappearing comments ;) )

Ah, this strong woman. She's been gone for a little while, but her brown eyes still keep their power (forever trumping, even). This time she seems a little more playful than serious, though.

eric1313 said...


Regardless of where you comment, first or last, you're number one.

She's seriously playful--at least in the limelight of my mind's eye.

A lot of my poems are about an ideal of women that I hold, one that may or may not be fair, as it might well be impossible for someone to live up to. Especially me. If I were to meet someone like this, I doubt I could be worthy.

But the dream is where the sweetest poetry lies. And I am a slave to that vision.

I should write a poem with tis, shouldn't I?

Princess Pointful said...

Oh, and I just read your comment on another common friend's blog (I'm trying to be vague here, even though I am in archive territory now) about some unfortunate sounding circumstances. I'm so sorry that recent times have been marred by all this...