Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Triumph and Defeat by the Nightstand

A man plants his waving flag
amidst dirty gray sheets
warm, new world shores
a stranger's bedroom;
triumph by the nightstand
red rivers flow wild
in the garden of Eden.

nothing falls like the beat
of a crushed heart
or brimstone tear drops
on the heads of the
unsuspecting damned.

You believe your lies.

I'll believe in mine.

I used to walk beside my love
every night
as all eyes followed us,
some in bleary reverence
some in malicious intent.

Her face was soft but shaded
a fine-detailed masterpiece,
made from sunset clouds,
even as she walks away
I see what I will always miss.

The slow-burn
kicks me in my sliding soul
deep within my neithers,
driving a lesson home.

Conquerors raise wonderful
from which battle flags
are raised.

Still strapped for time, cash, all that root of evil stuff. Working like a mad beast on a crass capitalistic crusade to get some debts settled.

I miss all of your glorious pages and I hope to get a chance to drop by soon. Thank you for all the comments, as they are quite inspiring and help to keep me going.

Addendum: Massive edits. You who utilize google readers know me; can't leave well enough alone, ever.


singleton said...

In the snow,
the debt laden pages of these days....
you still have it goin' on...

"nothing falls like the beat
of a crushed heart
or brimstone tear drops
on the heads of the
unsuspecting damned"

"You believe your lies.

I'll believe in mine."

Wishing you peace, my friend,
and lemon drops
in the sky

i beati said...

"Sunset clouds" I'll think of that all day - debts bleh up to my eyeballs replumbing my house

Charles Gramlich said...

Beautiful sunset pic. Fits nicely with the opening stanza of this poem.

karma lennon said...

Hey, you! Miss you. Finally finally getting a chance to stop around. Might get in trouble later, but oh well. ;) Lovely poem as always. Love the lines "you believe your lies, I'll believe mine." So easy to believe and so much better sometimes, eh? Hope you're well!

eric1313 said...


Another u turn poem for me. But I love it, it's its own circle, it's own going around coming around.

The conqueror becoming the conquered, hubris and deceit, and somehow, it's still love. It's still the great wonder.

I'll take those lemondrops and drink them one by one by one in the lonesome hollows of the nights away from home.

eric1313 said...


She was--at leastin my mind's eye she was, cotton candy of the gods.

Thank you for the comment.


Thank you for the stop, this pic was the only one I could find to fit it well. Not to mention how long it takes to download when one is far from home.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


I miss you, too. I hope work has been alright, the new job working for you and all.

It's all about the version of the truth that we hold to. We all have our own takes on life.

Thank you for your take on this.

karoline said...

hang in there...i luv it...

eric1313 said...



I'm hanging in there, lemondrops from Singleton helping out bigtime.

Peace out,

Crashdummie said...

if money is root of all evil, then I'm on my way to sainthood...

take care mate, and dropp by whenever you can... til then, we all have our path to wander on, our own lies to believe in...

eric1313 said...


Just visited you. I'm with your spirit, too, no matter the distance.

Remember the bridge, the world-wide symphony. You are unique like that. Keep wandering your path, mine will be fine as I will make it so.

Peace and love to you, sweetheart.


Cazzie!!! said...

YOU are the glorious one my friend :)

singleton said...


X. Dell said...

Hmm. The poem reads like something Catullus would have written...if he knew English, that is.

Hope you can knock down those capitalist demons, and live the pure life away from the root of evil and its fruits.

RubyShooZ said...

I always get a special thrill when I'm able to get here and read. The latest one really sung to me and the photo did as well - how fitting.

I want some of those lemon drops!!

I've been in much of a crush-time here with money, time, energy so I'm excited I've had a chance to actually get here and do some reading and soak up the vibes.

Wishing you some moments of peace, tranquility and serenity.

Always love Eric, take care - everyone.

captain corky said...

I'd rather believe in your lies. They're much more interesting. ;)

Princess Pointful said...

Ah, the compromises of new lovers. You believe my lies, and I'll do the same.
I adored the images of the sheets at the beginning--such a contrast to the beautiful words later in that verse.

Glad things have been put to rest if it gives you a little closure. I will keep in as cryptic as that for now.

I must keep this short, yet again, as my days are filling up, and I use my nights catching up on blog reading rather than sleeping, which I'm not entirely sure is always the greatest choice, but it feels good in the short term. Best of luck in the technology free zone... look forward to seeing you back in the land of wireless soon.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, take your time, we will all be waiting.

she said...

outstanding 1313/mr poetry!

love the cadence, the words, the pictures, the power..

"to triumph and defeat by the nightstand!" much love, ~s.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Conquerors make wonderful
from which battle flags
are raised.

how poetic

Lana Gramlich said...

"nothing falls like the beat
of a crushed heart"
That makes me want to cry...

ivan said...

From Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:
"You poor poet, you."

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Hi, friend. Another good one, they all are. We all gotta pay the man, but just get some poems in there from time to time. You and people like you are one of the reasons I don't stop blogging.

Ant said...

"as all eyes followed us... some with malicious intent" - been doing this a lot recently, masquerading it as "just a bit of cheeky fun". It brings up all kinds of conflict within though.

Nice words. Hang in there.

morbidneko said...

"You believe your lies.

I'll believe in mine."

love that.

isn't it SO true of us all. especially when in a relationship. we do whatever it takes.. to keep the dream alive.

i miss you, mr. eric. hope the capitalistic endeavor doesn't consume your artistic soul.

Anonymous said...

If poems were like money, we'd all be filthy rich. :)

The past comes back to haunt, that's the sense of angst I see.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Debts suck. Hope you get it sorted.

The unsuspecting damned. Hmmm.

sounds ominous.

I shall watch out for brimstone tear drops...

lance said...

You are a true poet.

Maithri said...

Wow! Spectacular, moving words.

Thank you,

love and peace brother, M

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Ah the demands of everyday life.
I know them all too well.
Here's to more time for blogging in 08!

ann said...

and I've missed you, since I've been MIA too

"you believe your lies" ... I always say that if you say it often enough you end up believing it yourself and then it becomes true

hope all's well in your world

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Marissa said...

"You believe your lies.

I'll believe in mine."

I LOVE THIS. Haunting in an incredible way.

benjibopper said...

sometimes the debt is worth the art. but good luck with your latest deals gone down.

singleton said...

Feeding the sky lemon drop moons....

Beth said...

Really really good one. Nodding to singleton's comments.

captain corky said...

"nothing falls like the beat
of a crushed heart"

Great line! If I weren't watching my son right now, I would have to pour myself a drink and re-read your poem.

Princess Pointful said...

Greetings my poetic friend. Been wondering about your gallavantings in dial-up zone and where they have been taking you. Hope all is well and that we will be graced with your words again soon!

eric1313 said...


I'm alive!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Eric, this takes on so many different directions, I can't decide what imagery to follow.

Cléa said...

"You believe your lies.
I'll believe in mine."