Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alleycat Blues


At your back door
a tin pan alley cat
with silver bullet teeth
coming up for air
for the light
for a long windy night,
and the kind of warmth
that sticks with you
and only comes
from one lonely little
flub-dub heart

not of gold
not of ice
but a tin pan alley heart
pink spray painted blue

the choice is all yours

scratching songs
of endless love
at your back door


Princess Pointful said...

Ah, this feels like old times, checking in to find a new poem before I crawl into bed.

Love is dirty sometimes, and rough, and ragged, and tin pan.

I love the image of the silver bullet death with the tin pan alley heart. Beat up, but still solid.

Sorry I (again? argh!) can't be Butterfly Bar-ing it tonight. Early morning in Princess-ville!

gingatao said...

The cat is back, yayayayay,

Scot said...

yeah--good stuff--love the close--perfect

Enemy of the Republic said...

Well, you know Muffin was once an alley cat before he became a pampered feline in my house. But alley cat is an interesting metaphor--for you, for the speaker, maybe even for our tormented souls always on the prowl for fulfillment. I like this.

I have a big paper to write for a conference. I may start blogging after that or I may not return until May. April will be a busy month. I just don't want to go back and say nothing which is what I feel I would do right now. But I still will visit my buds!

ea monroe said...

Eric, it's good to see you back and writing! ~Liz

benjibopper said...

cool images (both the words and the pics). but, what exactly is a tin pan alley?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

~licks paws~


~Licks private area~


i beati said...

flub dub heart no wonder I've missed you

Charles Gramlich said...

yes, the silver bullet teeth is a great image. Much enjoyed this.

Edyta said...

i almost started crying.

just thinking that some of those beautiful graffiti were for girls. i had a friend, he drew a huge graffiti on his gf's house, writing beautifully her name. that is soooo romantic. i just started thinking abt graffitis after ur poem :)

hope you are fine & smiling.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Eric: I haven't been out and about for awhile. Thought I would drop by. I loved "one lonely little flub-dub heart." Really do like that. Wonderful creativity. What inspires you?

singleton said...

tin pan alley cat....
it's you.....
spillin' it, feelin' it....
clink! You write like you never missed a breath, a step,
were never

Anonymous said...





iamnasra said...

And it feels good to be here in the center of all loe that can come out with your poetic energy

morbidneko said...

hi, it's been a while, hasnt it.

love the poem, it's lyrical, rhythmic. also love the silver and tin. and what it represents.

there is nothing you can tell me of sorrow and longing, of recluse alley cat ways. of a flub dub heart.

life is losing meaning.. if it ever had any to start with.

just another day in paradise, exile, the jungle, the alley.

it's good to hear from you again, sir. contemplating the loss of a dear friend is never an easy thing.

contemplating suffocating loneliness ... that's something else entirely.

your words come to life in my mind's eye, my imagination.

hope you never [well, not for an extensively long period, anyway] have to leave again.

eric1313 said...


There you are, number one.

And no worries on the butterfly. It's always there.


And I'm bustin lose some lines.


Thanks. Begining lines and ending lines are always the most important.

Enemy of the Republic

Very Orwellian. Some of us are dogs pigs and sheep. But he did forget to insert cats into his hierarchy. Glad to know I'm still on the bud list.

Peace, all!

eric1313 said...

EA Monroe

Glad to see you're still haunting my page as well. Now, when are you going to return?


Tin Pan Alley is in New York's Hell's Kitchen area, I believe. I5t's also a blues label, as well as a song on an SRV compilation.

Ultra Toast

That's a bad kitty! No free shows--always charge for that.

she said...

what do we have here?

charisma, charm..
it's in the humbleness, the preciousness of the "one lonely little flub-dub heart"

and the call, and the awareness..

"scratching endless songs of love"

"the choice is all yours"

but what i particularly like..

not the front door, not a window, not at your feet or from afar

"at your back door" "at your back door"

"to you!" much love, ~s.

eric1313 said...


I missed you too! I'll be by soon.


It worked for me! Silver just alway represents such mystical qualities.


Don't cry!

Love Graffiti is huge in my world, you know what I mean? Sounds like true love...


If it wasn't for a friend like you to help encourage and inspire, I don't know what I would do. We just have that crazy cool connection. I was certainly glad to see you were still the same, too.


And good luck with everything going on in your life. I'm prayin' for ya, my friend.

eric1313 said...


I hear you there! Have a frisky treat, it's on the house!


Always great to see you still there. We write what's in our hearts, you of all people know that, my friend.


Yes, it's been a while. Was out on a walkabout, you know?

I understand how you feel. Loneliness eats at my will to just be, but I can't let it win. Too many people would think I did myself in over them. ha! People can be so vain...

I don't feel so bad with all of you around, though.

I hope you get through this rough time, because there's always more for us somewhere, our own private knidom waiting to be unveiled.


The backdoor--always a choice place to be, no? ;)

Charisma and charm. That's a wonderful compliment coming from such a highly esteemed individual such as yourself.

Time to put thos qualities to work, you know?

Glad to see you here, too.

Take care

That goes for everyone!

Cléa said...

Sorry, but all I can think of is "here puss puss..."

skinnylittleblonde said...

One lonely little flub-dub heart...scratching endless love songs. I Love It Eric...
Although I am a dog-girl I know it to be true...one little flub-dub heart & a thump, thump, thump of a tail remind me.

Maithri said...

Love this,

just beautiful,


eric1313 said...


It's all good. Sometimes, that's all anyone can think of.



Cats, dogs, it's all good here.

I'm glad you relate. When it comes to love, dogs and cats are all the same to those beholden to them.



That's just how we roll.

And it's some much better to live this way than in denial of love.