Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Big Time Band

The big time boys
in the rock and roll band
will always play our song...

The music
speaking to more
than just our ears

It binds us to the moment

a touch

a kiss

Or just
a life-is-beautiful look--
The clandestine language
of knowing eyes
has a million and one
for what what I see
for what you see
for what we know

It's all music baby;
any time you want
just tell me...

"Shut up and dance,
you silly poet"

Not one word needs
pass your lips

Let the moment speak
and I will always


The band...

is playing our song.


Yep, the top picture is actually the cover of Pink Floyd's superb album, Animals. Had to lift it for this one. Since I make zero profit from this blog, it ought to be OK with Roger...

26 comments: said...

A Plant!


Where ya been?

eric1313 said...

been around, but not much near a computer with a connection of any kind.

The Australians would call it a walkabout.

Just collecting for the next round of 100+ poems. And the occasional story.

Actually, I was considering a whole shift in style--but that kind of thing doesn't too often work for me. My style tells me what to do.

I am a slave to my own style...

That's either wonderful or pathetic.

Help me out here, people

Charles Gramlich said...

Good to see you still kicking. My wife, Lana is a huge fan of Pink Floyd. I turned her on to the "animals" cd.

Great poem. said...

Trust your style.

They said, while I was in journalism, that no style is the best style, but it's no style at all if it ain't you.

Lana Gramlich said...

Cool poem & YES, FLOYD FOREVER!!!

ea said...

It's great to see you back, Eric. You have been missed. Can't wait to read your soul speaks that you've been collecting. ~Liz

i beati said...

ok brother - Since they have people persuing for potential lyrics all the time- I guess YOU can !!! sandy

behindblueeyes said...

So glad your back!

Crashdummie said...

i doubt anyone ever had to tell you

"Shut up and dance,
you silly poet"

bet you're the first one hitting the dancefloor:) groovey poem eric!

singleton said...

my favorite line,
"shut up and dance
silly poet"

and the music goes on and
and on!


benjibopper said...

love that Roger, man. I hope he wouldn't sue. But then Bob Dylan sued Hootie, so you never know.

Rock n Roll poetry, Eric, go boy!

Princess Pointful said...

We listened to Pink Floyd in our own spare moment, bus-ing across the countryside this morning. Good choice.

Now shut up and dance, poet man ;).

Enemy of the Republic said...

Animals--my favorite Floyd record.

Anyone who has been romantically involved and hurt can relate to this. Everyone has at least one song.

iamnasra said...

knock knock I am just to see how you are? Is been a time reading your part of the world ..

Cazzie!!! said...

Well, if it is ok with Roger then it is ok with me because I am so into the Floyd!
Glad to see you round mate :)

Crushed said...

Wish yuou were here is prob their finest...

Women sometimes have a way of getting to the point, don't they? :)

Ant said...

Heh. I am so not cool - I'm pretty sure that's a drawing of Battersea power plant in South London. I had no idea it was the album cover for Pink Floyd... :-)

JR's Thumbprints said...

I can hear those dogs in the background and I'm thinking what beautiful music.

lance said...

Looks like the Caterpillar plant I work. As always you have a way with words.

X. Dell said...

I don't think anyone will bother you about the image.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Been there! That's mighty Battersea Power Station in London.

Another sterling poem

Jessica said...

Long time no see. I missed reading your pretty blog posts.

karma lennon said...

I hate "our song". They always suck. I can never listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood again.

Sorry, rough day. Hope you're well!

iamnasra said...

I come back cause I meant to be back to hear poeting again

Crashdummie said...

oh i love this!
Combining music with poem, can it get any better ;)

Keep on rocking, mah brotha-from-anotha-motha !


Miriam said...

Keep up the good work.