Friday, September 26, 2008

There Be Dragons Here

The journey itself
a means to an end
and in the end
what we mean
is exactly
what we say

From so high up
a flag looks like
a note from
my bluest
fairy godmother

Sailing on
toward the sun
as it drowns in the west
the ocean...
or the tears
of a dead ancestor.

You are
already wearing that
reborn crown of sinful
earthbound glories
yet to come.


Princess Pointful said...


(how fantastically lame was that)

First off, I adore the imagery of a flag as a note from up above. That was a comparison I'd never heard before- lovely!

Secondly, don't be too paranoid, sir ;). My comment was not directed your way-- what you said was indeed true... you have no idea about some of the more superficial features lying behind my words, after all. It was more my own insecurities coming out, in all honesty... wondering how that fellow could judge me based on a photo of my collarbone.

Glad to see two poems from you in a row...

eric1313 said...

You are so not lame, and you know it.

Thanks for letting me know that it's all good.

And yeah, he shouldn't have judged you like that... Hard to blame that one on a culture, it's more of an individual a--hole type of thing, for certain.

But, hey: you were pissed off in that response! I didn't know so I thought I'd make sure a base or two was covered.

Thanks for being such a fan of the poetics, you know. It means a lot to me.

you take care, OK?

peace out said...

I can generally tell where a writer has borrowed someting, but I've never run across

the ocean...
or the tears
of a dead god;
reborn crown of sinful
earthbound glories
yet to come


And it gets me right where I live.

I mean, we troglodytes are people too. :)

eric1313 said...

We are indeed people. Trogs, vampires, spazzes, mutants and wastoids alike, we bleed red and we turn to the dust we came from eventually.

As you can tell, religion has had a profound effect on me. And it is very clear in my writing.

I often borrow little bits here and larger chunks there, after all what are we without our influences? The blue fairygodmother part is pure Vonnegut.

But sometimes, inspiration pure and simple hits me. Glad I know to listen for it.

And glad you liked it.

I'll be by soon. Donnetta's story is mesmerizing. I wish to read it again before I comment.

Crashdummie said...

Time after time...

guess we all are on a search for something. still waiting.. Hope you find whatever it is you are searching for.

Glad to see you have found your muse eric.

till then, i'll carry these words with me:

"the ocean...
or the tears
of a dead god;
reborn crown of sinful
earthbound glories
yet to come"

Enemy of the Republic said...

I did a poem once called Here Be Dragons. Yours is much better.

So happy to see you!

Crushed said...

The last verse almosr going towards the concept of sin and redemption?

In fact a lot of mythos tapped into generally, thr middle verses have celtic overtones.

It could almost be a prayer.

Charles Gramlich said...

I especially like the last stanza here. The poem seems to lift off, moving slowly at first, then fireworks at the end.

i beati said...

oh I forgot how much I missed you!!

Donnetta Lee said...

So enjoyed this. Agree with Ivan's comment above. Two in a row! Wow! You are on a roll!

Thanks for the comment about my wip. Please, please know that this is a rough draft. Needs many edits. But have a direction now. Kids story, you know.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

The visuals are splendid, Eric!
Very dramatic!
Wanted to thank you again for your
"sweet" comment on GODIVAS. The winners were Nicole Kidman as Lady
G. and Leslie Caron as Cocoa. I hope you enjoy "The Longest Date,"
and are having a wonderful weekend!
Petra :))

Lana Gramlich said...

"and in the end
what we mean
is exactly
what we say"

This seems very familiar to me for some reason...

Toward the end, the part about the sun setting in the Sea is reminiscent of the Celtic mindset on the subject. Very cool.
Glad to see you back again, btw! said...

Lana & Enemy of the Republic.

I opine you are both librarians, or library enablers.

So phrases seem familiar.

I just picked this up in Roman caps:


Here be dragons.

Damn those antique Italians.

They always seem to do it first.

Anonymous said...


Cheers for the mail and good to see you back. Sad to say that I have three more weeks 'under the cosh' so to speak - three pieces of writing for potential publication, a course to finish and two work-related writing pieces. Then, I have to study Japanese and get the day job done! Anyway, hope to be back for real in November. I miss blogging.

Take care mate,
"Danny Tagalog".

rubenh ( said...

very artistic

eric1313 said...


It's the folks like you that I love doing this for.

May whatever god you hold in your heart bless you, sweet thing.

I will be here with more, always. I promise.


I find that hard to believe, since you have some of the clearest and most concise writings around.

But, I will take what I can get!

Thank you!

eric1313 said...


You get it exactly. Religion and myth meet in a crossroads within me.

I'm never without their influence.

Thanks for your reading and interpretation. I will try to do more like this one. I had good inspiration from good people.


I felt that way to, that the opening was OK, the beginning better, but the end, that was poetry at its best.

Thanks for checking in here.

eric1313 said...


No problem about the comments, I could tell that you out a lot of thought into your work.

I beati

And I missed writing this blog, too. It makes me feel like I have a purpose.

eric1313 said...

Petra Michelle

I certainly will be by to read more.

And thank you! I try!


If it seems familiar, it's probably something from the influences I spoke of, this one almost a bit of fantasy.

And yes, I do use the image of the sun falling into the sea in that way, that it returns to an antipode every night.

eric1313 said...


Glad to see you sir, I was happy to check in on you. When you get back, i'll be around to check out your work.

Good luck on whatever you have before you and in all your dealings.


Thanks for the visit, I hope you enjoyed what you see!

All of you: I'll catch up with you very soon!

eric1313 said...

Ivan 2

Thanks for watching the blog responses for me while I was out for the weekend! I would have asked, but it seems you read my mind.

That's scary! But very cool too.