Monday, November 24, 2008

My Pele

If I held out
my hand--
(as cold as it is)

I know you
would take it

in a heartbeat

like the voice
of a god from
the hollows
of the world,
I feel hers;
the pulse,
a sultry rhythm...

and I tell you,
this fool can dance


it's been so long
too long
an ice age and
a half

but tonight
it all melts away,
sizzling into vapor

as I take her hand
so warm...
(or is mine so cold?)

the volcano...
Pele, my love
will be born again
and again
and again

to the music
we make
by simply being

Yes, Pele the Volcano Goddess, not Pele the soccer dude, errr, football bloke.

If you wondered where some of my fire comes from, wonder a little bit less.

Would say more, but I'm off to the city to go get burnt.

See you all soon!


Anonymous said...

That will be a pleasant slow burn, I'm sure. Especially if you read her this beautiful poem first. said...

Gingatao is right. It is a beautiful poem, though I think I would have left out the very last line. Techt is recht!

The volcao goddess. Yeah, but can she play football?

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like there's some greater depth behind these words than we are aware of.'

Enjoy your night.

karma lennon said...

Lovely poem as always. :)

Crushed said...

I only knew of Pele the footballer...

Very rhythmic this, as if its meant to be said rolling, in one breath almost.

Rumbling like a volcano perhaps?

eric1313 said...


::Thumbs up::

It was glorious.


I think the volcano goddess levels the field, so it's really not fair for her to play.

And as for the last line, you are probably right. A bit too much, but it was definitely on my mind as I was finishing the poem, so I threw it in there.

See what happens when I don't spend quality time editing? The lower head wins out.

eric1313 said...


You are right. Jessica has been a very good friend to me for many years, and only sometimes do we meet as more than friends. But you never know... I'm just not wanting to jinx anything.

There's a lot there, as there is in any complicated relationship.

Maybe one day it will all come tumbling out. I have a feeling.

Karma Lennon

Thanks for the read! I was worried about blowing up any mystique I had built up as the poet who comes and goes with the omni-dimensional wind.

I probably did, but hey, I'll still keep writing.

Peace out!

eric1313 said...


Glad it came out all rhythmic and sublime, it was written on the fly, so I worry about weather my poems are up to what I think of as my very best. I used to always try to outdo the last one I wrote, but lately, I've just been writing for the sake of writing.

Gotta keep pushing, though, or I'll stagnate.

And Pele the footballer was quite famous even over here. Sold a lot of Tang over the years!

but look at that kick--an amazing athlete. I could only hope to have 1/10 of that talent as a writer.

david mcmahon said...

``An Ice Age and a half'' - now that conjures up some images, Eric!

Initially, I thought it was homage to soccer ....

eric1313 said...


glad to see you got it! It was a long cold winter away from the fire.

And yeah, that was why I made sure to put in the distinction!

Five5six said...

As sharp as always.

Keep that fire a bit frosty bro, some of us can't bear the glow.

Five5six said...

and btw:

eric1313 said...

Hey man! Just about to drop a new post.

And thanks for the heads up on the book of Jacob. Seeing as he's one of the three Patriarchs, it's odd that his text is apocryphal.

Five5six said...

He's only in the book of Mormon it seems. And that post was about god knows what.

eric1313 said...

Good to see you here man.

Talk to ya soon, I hope.

eric1313 said...

Book of Mormon??? Man, I need to write my own bible and pretend I found it under a rock somewhere...

Five5six said...

We already discussed that before, we wanted you to write the canon for our new scientology like religion.

eric1313 said...


eric1313 said...

Glad to see ya here!

Cléa said...

I like the opposites in the fire and ice. As for the pulse with its sultry rhythm, beautiful.

The image reminded me of Tahitian paintings.

Now Eric, you know what they say about playing with fire...

eric1313 said...

I will try not to get burnt too bad! ;)

But the risk is worth the effort, methinks...

And I love the new avatar! It goes so well with your martini theme.

Congrats on the progress with the novel. Can't wait to here more about it from you.

Princess Pointful said...

I love that immediate attention when cold hands meet warm ones. What a lovely image (and another lovely image-- the photo above the words... interesting to get another spark of insight)

eric1313 said...


Glad to give you a little bit of insight, in that case!

If life is good, good enough that my cold hands are welcomed by soft loving warm hands, why not talk about it a little bit?

Ant said...

Pele shoots, Pele scores!


i beati said...

nice one san dy said...

Hey Ant!

eric1313 said...






heh... prowling the archives?

See ya soon, Ivan.

indicaspecies said...

Reached here from David. Congratulations on being chosen for the POTD, and well deserved.:)

I enjoy poetry and you enjoy your time with the fiery red passionate one!

eric1313 said...


Thank you for reading it!

And yes, it was time well spent.