Monday, December 22, 2008

The Straits

Like a trick of the darkness
the colorless void is given life
word by word, by crafting hands
a seductive breath into each line

You hope the right keys be stroked
in time to the rhythm and rumble
of everything around you
that you so dearly love;

The hottest blood flows
from the pen of one who knows
love within the dimly lit borders
of this motorized city at the straits
the colors bled are all and none
but recognize you as their own
by the warm true light
bleeding through
Yep, It's me. Had to update you with a pic. Check it, I'm a hippie hockey player wannabe poet guy.

It's a busy time of year and I have a lot on my plate. I'll talk more about it all as plans become more concrete. It involves moving across the country, and finding work since I miss eating quite a bit. Damn Maslow and his silly hierarchy.

Even this poem was pulled from the dusty archives. Sure, I refreshed it and all, but really it's old and I am pensive about showing my old stuff. I would rather create new, I'm sure you understand.

Hope to be getting back to you all soon.

Peace out.


Neers said...

old or not! it's absolutely fab! and take care of the plate... may the plate be full enough to satiate you! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

This is a very good one. It seemed timeless, not old. Hope the move goes well. Keep us in the loop.

Lana Gramlich said...

Another great poem from the master. Moving across the country? Dang boy, please do let us know how things are going!
Oh, and...GO HABS! (Sorry...every so often the Canadian side of me insists on having it's say. ;)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Well, since I've just recently discovered you, it's brand new to me! And as always has your "wild mind" signature.
Good luck in your plans, Eric. And btw, you look very much like
George Harrison!
Wishing you a blessed holiday season, Eric. Everything works itself out in the end. This too shall pass!

karma lennon said...

I love the new pics. :) And I like the colorfulness of the poem. Keep us updated on what's happening! And Merry Christmas!!!!

Paul said...

Ha! How cool are you? No wonder there are always so many beautiful intelligent women around here. It's been a tough year for you but the sign of your success is that huge smile. Happy things to you too, peace, laughter, poetry, woohoo,

JR's Thumbprints said...

Oh to have my youth back! Such uncertainty, filled with hope, images of Dorian Gray. But you see, getting old -- stabilizing -- ain't so bad. Good luck in your travels and I hope you find what it is you're searching for (perhaps it's already been found). Have a Happy Holiday!

Princess Pointful said...

Nice picture. Shame about that jersey, though ;)

Lovely poem, too, as always. I adore the last verse- the image of heat and words just goes well together.

Thanks for the update, as well. I'm sorry to hear that you are going to have to bid your beloved Detroit adieu for a while, but life is an adventure, so I'm glad you are going along for the ride all the same. Perhaps new landscapes are the stuff of wonderful inspiration... as may be chickens galore!

And I adore the Maslow shout out, psych geek that I am. Don't worry, self-actualization is soon on its way!

Best wishes over the holiday season, Eric. I hope the next few days are filled with warmth and good company!

captain corky said...

I'm weird about reading my old stuff too. I have to be in the right mood to even look at it.

Have a good holiday my friend.

Crushed said...

That is a great image at the top.

Some people don't care for images of cities, but I think you can't beat a proud, dramatic urban skyline.

You're looking a bit like my idol, David Gahan in his early nineties days.

X. Dell said...

A very different personna you project, sir, without the moustache. Poet Wannabe hockey players are fine. Sound like they're above dirty checking and so forth. (Then again, I'm partial to free checking.)

i beati said...

Your sveltness does not match the prior picture sir..lookin good- bonne chance man and come back to us soon !!Happy holidays !!sandy

Marissa said...

Love to finally see your picture!

Happy holidays to you!!

Cléa said...

Sometimes revisiting the old gives a new perspective. I wouldn't discard it.

Lovely to see you Eric. And happy holidays!

iamnasra said...

you look different in here are a poet in your old poem or new one ...keep them coming ..Hope its not late wihing you that you had great X-mas ..Enjoy your new year eve


Princess Pointful said...

Just a sneaky little holiday message to you, Eric. Hope your past few days have been wonderful!

Ant said...

Looking quite pleased with yourself - no matter what Maslow's got to say! :-)

Happy christmas and good luck with the moving and jobs.

Danny Tagalog said...


Sounded great to me, and what's wrong with re-working. I guess nothing is ever fully completed...

I might even follow the Eric lead and show my face in the coming year. With lots of more posts too!

Happy New Year!

Enemy of the Republic said...

You look great. And your writing is great, as always. said...

Good pic.

My wife would have gone for you, years ago. She was kind of attracted to "f8cked-up looking, sensitive guys". Hey!

Poetizing about poetry...Did that once and got it published in Ryerson University literary mag here. Reproduced it...Check on top of my blog if at all inerested.
But it made me sort of self-conscious. Kind of thinking while I typed.

But I do like your
The hottest blood flows
from the pen of one who knows
love within the dimly lit borders
of this motorized city...

Ah well. Like Stephen Dedalus says, "You poor poet, you."

she said...

1313/mr poetry: -handsome picture poetman

and awesome poem

laughed to read "damn maslow"

-me too. unfortunately it's feed self then soul

not the other way around. but easy to get it confused when you're a starving artist

"may your plates runneth over

and poetry spill all over

and make the world a better place"

love, ~s.

MyUtopia said...


etain_lavena said...

Nice poem:)

Happy New year:)

Crashdummie said...

the poem is still goin strong eric,so no worries. Hope the craziness that surrounds you will calm down, but may your inner craziness never fade :D

good luck with it all my rocking friend. cheers!

benjibopper said...

Hey Eric, thought I commented on this one already but maybe not. It reminded me a bit of Di Brandt, a great poet who lives in Windsor ON but writes some about Detroit too. Gritty urban stuff, lots on environmental apocalypse. Anyway I enjoyed it, cheers for kickin oldschool. Stay warm.

MyUtopia said...

Did you read Mitch Alboms article, Courage of Detroit? I posted excerpts on my blog.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Yeah, work sucks. I'll be finished soon and off to the chilly air of the south of France for a while to try and get some writing done. Keep it going, Eric.

Hapi said...

Happy Wednesday! Bloghoppin' here... Hey, I have an interesting tutorial for you that I have written myself. It is about adding Adsense on your Single Post in XML template. I hope you'll like it! God Bless you!

benjibopper said...

hey eric, there you go again. kickin at the darkness till it bleeds daylight?

Blancodeviosa said...

hey kiddo said...

Eric 1313,

Where the hell are you?

behindblueeyes said...

You came by my blog and I never answered you. Sorry about that. I hope things turn out well for you. I know Detroit is not a great place to be living right now. When you get established and back on your feet I will look forward to you restarting your blog. Thanks for checking in and letting everyone know your okay.

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colleen said...

Write on. Love the contrast in the photo.

iamnasra said...

Its been ahile are u in town

i beati said...

missing you again and your passion Sandy

she said...

1313/mr poetry: -have the day off and doing my blog rounds today

thinking of you of course!

looking forward to your poetic, creative return..

prayers/blessings your way..

love, ~s.

Anonymous said...

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i beati said...

come back to us !!Eric Come Back !!

Jessica said...

Love a guy in a hockey shirt who paints seductive and pretty language.

Paul Squires said...

Missing you, Eric. Hope everything is cruising along at a nice steady pace down some highway, smiling and thinking. You rock! said...

Hey man,

I got one foot in the grave and still truckin'

You half my age and gone awol. C'mon back, heah?

Gillian said...

Can't believe I've been such a deadbeat blog visitor.

Wondered about you, as you crossed my mind. Hopefully you are well, you hippie hockey player poet type.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Ah Eric.

Glad to see you are still keeping up the valuable work. I'm back in Blighty after 4 months in rural France trying to write a book about my circumnavigation of your mighty continent.

I'm halfway through.

So back to France I go.

Hossam said...

hello Mr.Eric
woooo wnice pic and nice topic
hope u be a perfect hockey player
c u soon man

Princess Pointful said...

Why hello there...
Just wondering how the south is treating my favourite poet...

eric1313 said...

I'm alive and have no net and no time...

My feet are about to burst into flaming chunks from working 3 double shifts at crazy bar in Hot Springs Arkansas...


I love all of you so much and will be back with more words soon. I'm usurping the DJ job at the club and can write you from here a bit more often...

peace out

eric1313 said...

You guys are the bomb!

Rita said...

I think there is no boundary for you thought.

How you get all this idea?


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