Sunday, August 16, 2009

It Was There When I Fell Asleep

when the sun rose
this morning

it smiled

and I didn't know why
until it was gone

and only the most distant
stars danced away like eyes
into the dark

and then I knew
and all I could do
was wait in the darkness

just to see one more
sun rose bloom

just to see
one more smile

a blaze
set to burn

my morning light
and be gone.


(top: the Rose Nebula)

Been gone a long time, but it seems the door is not rusted shut. I'm in Hot Springs, Arkansas at the moment and very soon I will be bringing some new pictures and stories before all who remain for entertainment and of course, for art.

In spite of all the gloom of the last post, I'm doing good now. Hope to post again soon.

Gotta run... I'm in a DJ booth and I need to go and let the folks here know that sex on the beach is only $5... Highly recommended!

Thank you all for your most beautiful words of encouragement. I'll do with them my best and hopefully we will see what springs forth.

Peace out!


eric1313 said...

Woo hoo! I'm still here!

Just write stuff..........

JR's Thumbprints said...

That's some mighty small fonts.

Still, it's always nice to hear from you - even though you deserted Michigan like so many others.

Keep writing, keep experiencing life to the fullest; there's plenty of time to become a working stiff such as myself.

I'm still struggling as a writer, but I'm enjoying every damn torturous moment of it. The prison I work in has been overtaken with mentally-unstable prisoners from Huron Valley. Never a dull moment.

eric1313 said...

Still hanging in there... Got a few poems scribbled out on cocktail napkins... nothing but the very best around here!

Paul said...

Eric! Your back and with another supercool poem, beautiful. I missed you, glad to hear you doing okay. Rage on!

Princess Pointful said...

Poems on your mind, even when promoting discount drinks. Attaboy :)
Glad you are still around and inspired and seeing the beauty in things. I miss you!

Lana Gramlich said...

Hooray, he's back! Enjoy your vacation...I hope to see pictures!

she said...

"mr poetry!"

how wonderful to knock, and find you here

door wide open

welcomed in by the aroma of your fresh new words

and invited back

by this promise: -of more

"to $5 poetry! and free sex!"

and the beach!" love, ~s.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, I'm so glad to "see" you.

Charles Gramlich said...

Good to see you alive and kicking. Hot springs. Crazy town man.

Rita said...

Really amazing and hot poetry.
Can you please upload some decent poems?


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benjibopper said...


Enjoyed this piece - left me wondering: why? what conclusion did he draw about the sun?

But it's good to wonder that, to have that unfilled blank.

Hope you're well.

ann said...

only $5 - sign me up please

erm... was that for the sex
or the poetry?

nice to see you back

i beati said...

sounding positivey good more poetry mon bard !!

eric1313 said...

Hey Guys!

I'm super busy but now things are settling down again. I'll post up again soon!

I really am glad to see all of you here! I miss you all so much!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The thing I liked the most about this was the metering. Summery.


eric1313 said...

never a problem sir Toast. Glad I still have a sense of meter and beat. I'm so out of practice I'm suprised I can even put anything together.

Other than that, it's just nice to see everyone here.

I'm slammed again. The bossman now wants me to run the kitchen here at the bar... (I guess I's be an organizational jean-yus) I'm making more money, but time is in very short supply.

ivan said...


Afta suppah muddafukkah.

You're back, you survivor, you!

Shimmerrings said...

Your poetry is still flowin'... that's a good thing :D

eric1313 said...

same old stuff...

I'm too busy!

Plus, I'm still waiting on my change too...

Obama will come thru any day, mehopes!

Shimmerrings said...

Yeah, keep the faith! We gotta give the man a chance.

eric1313 said...

Me too. Times are as tough as we have ever faced in my lifetime, so the work that mr O has to do is a load not to be envied.

Glad to see you here Shimmerings!

Talk to you sometime soon when I get a permanent net connection besides this one at worked.

The word came down. I'll be fired if somebody rats me out again for using the DJ booth computer for personal reasons...

Rats... who needs them!