Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wild, Wild Horses

Wild horses could never
drag me away

but they have been known
to carry me only a bit too far

just a little too far...

but really

You can't blame the horses

when it's the rider's fault
for dragging away
at the same sky
that your horses
used to roam.


Love you all! Every one of you. When I get the time to visit you all, I surely will.

Just your average absentee poetry blogger checking in.

Peace Out


Charles Gramlich said...

I wouldn't mind watching some wild horses. Good poem.

Paul said...

Eric! As always great to hear from you. That is a cool poem, you are a rider of wild star stallions.

Lana Gramlich said...

A lovely poem & very cool artwork, as well. Hope all's well w/you. You've been missed. :)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Great as always.

i beati said...

we'll take what we can get be well and happy sandy

boneman said...

well, you don't know me from Adam.
You know Asad!?

anyway, if you wander over, bring a flyswatter.
It says time flies like an arrow, but, honest. Fruit flies like a banana!

boneman said...

(wait...who in the heck is "Asad?"
OK, so, I write too fast.
You know Adam!

(not that it matters. I don't.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Eric! I came across your comment made some time ago on Whose Role and wanted to stop by to say hello!

The last time I visited you were starting a new job! How is it going? How are you? I hope you and everything in your life is in harmony, Eric!

Have a wonderful weekend! :))

JR's Thumbprints said...

With Halloween just around the corner, and your Wild, Wild Horses, I can't help but think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hang in there, Dude.

she said...

you're the best! -grateful you post when/as you can..

ivan said...

Great news about the not-too-shabby job.

Keep the aspidistra flying!

ann said...

"wild horses could never drag me away" i love the opening line - it has so much potential, but don't blame yourself, most times life takes hold of the reins and we have no control :>(

benjibopper said...

like boy George, he comes and goes, he comes and gooooo-ooo-oh-ohs.

eric1313 said...

ooh oh oh-----

eric1313 said...

The whole problem is this damn camera behind me. It looks dwn on he DJ booth here, and the boss looks at his cameras all the time. He has 30 or so security channels on his computer. We are his antfarm. Ants who clean glasses, serve drinks, make pizzas and sometimes also are sneaking drinks, eating, text messaging angry or elated lovers or other various human things done in the colony.

I love you all and as soon as I get a laptop, I'll be back. Just don't feel like writing like I used to, not like this.

Fuck. I just cued up "sexy back". I would shoot me, at least with laughter, for doing this, but it was a request. And the worst part is every apple bottomed jean girl here is loving it.

Life is weird, but it could always be worse.

Expect an epsodic series of posts on adjusting to life down here. With poetry.

fuck an o... just cued up London Bidge by fergie. OK, last goodbye for now.

peace out

Anonymous said...

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X. Dell said...

Hey, Eric, saw you online and thought I'd drop by to say hi. Hope you and Arkansas are treating each other right.

benjibopper said...

ha, you're like Jonny Fever's alter ego on Gotta Dance. The things we do for money in tough times. Roll with it I'm sure you'll get thru, and remember cocktail napkin poetry is always prophetic.

Anonymous said...

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eric1313 said...

Got that right. Only, the cocktail napkin poetry never foretold the cheesey top 40's dance music.

But in many respects, it was so...

The bright spot is that the owners like and trust me enough to teach me to do everything in the bar. The down side is I'm now expected to do everything in the bar.

But at least I have nice scenery all around me.

Thanks for continuing the conversation!


Hey there X! Glad you dropped by!

bearly domesticated boneman said...

two guys walk into a bar...the third guy ducks.

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Pythia3 said...

Hey Eric...just touching base! I hope to have some time in the near future to start blogging again. I miss it - and I miss everyone!!! I have been going to 2 schools full-time. All-consuming edumacation. LOL
I am happy to see you are doing well. Thank you for keeping in touch :) Lindy

she said...

feb 2010/makin' my blog~rounds

thinkin' of you mr poetry 1313

hope life is treating you well

love, ~s.

Blancodeviosa said...

just coming to check on ya. havent blogged in awhile but im back and meaner than ever :)

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