Thursday, May 13, 2010

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

There will be found
the river, the ocean
waves upon waves upon swells
as the wind blows life into its
heaves and lows

and not a buoy
not a raft not

so loved
for what it is...


this humble poem
contains a puddle
of ideas
murky with sentiment


but your ocean
is painted with poetry
and a water color mona lisa
smile so familiar to me
and etched with words
riding the wild waves

words waiting for peace--
that mirror of the gods
the ocean at rest
on Sunday morning
our feet make the only ripples,
laughing and spreading
like truth
like proof
of what will always be

and so still you float,
in the blue green sea
waiting for no one

because all who love you
all who you know

float there beside you
the circle...
beyond the sea


eric1313 said...

Sure it sounds familliar... so often we can't help but love that which we know well.

Good thing I'm my own publisher in these parts...

JR's Thumbprints said...

There's no better way to promote than by publishing our own words. One ripple at a time, one ripple at a time.

eric1313 said...

Jim, thanks for the words man.

So glad to hear them.

Yes, and this one was freshly written tonight, the past 2 were from class long ago. A difference can be seen and felt.

Lana Gramlich said...

That's sad & sweet at the same time...

Charles Gramlich said...

SOmetimes poets are like little children. We explore the new best when we begin with the familiar.

connell said...

aw geez. Am I one of those "copy and pasters" people who grab them words and dtags them around the corner and tosses them down on the table and says stuff about it.
Then again, my favorite line?

so loved
for what it is...


So, #1. That is a cool piece, full of ideas all by itself.
#2. That might get you published elsewhere, too.
and, #3 Yes, I guess I AM one of those C'n'P guys, but it's rare.

singleton said...

I was floating
in a cotton balls...
melted, and murky.
I couldn't see my toes,
the water was too
the darkest shade of white...

To the sea...

sandy said...

very moving sandy

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I'm bobbing on your sea of words