Saturday, August 28, 2010

She Lives (a reprise)

She's alive
and nothing is going to stop her.

Lightning falls flat
bullets, lead and steel
like dust in a gale of November.

Howling, howling...
at the full yellow moon:
~she's alive.

Blue velvet and a black wind
sweeping this remote beach
a most delicate morning
as she dances on volcanic
sands... an island made
by her will and her fire.

is alive...

The lightning and thunder
are her kisses, my lullaby.

She is

Just try to stop her.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great use of both soft versus hard words in this one. A nice mix.

eric1313 said...

Thanks Charles.

This was a little clutch of lines from a while back that I developed into the current form, something I had written in response to a friend on an earlier poem.

3 cheers for old lines that hang out until i can find a few more words to give them life.

Lana Gramlich said...

Wonderful sentiment! And where do you get such fantastic photos, anyway?

JR's Thumbprints said...

"She Lives (the sequel)" is hail the size of golfballs ping-ping-pinging car hoods pulled over to the shoulder of the road. At least that's how I experienced it not too long ago.

eric1313 said...


I often will select phrases from my poem, plug them into google and do an image search. If i like an image, I fist see if it is from a private collection or a blog, and if open domain (like a science or news or weather website), I slap it up. Not a lot of ceremony... Sometimes i take shots myself... Got a lot of them from Arkansas, almost 2k pics while i was down there...

This particular one came from an atheist website where they were making fun of the original folks who commented on it claiming that the composition of the pic was a true sign that God exists and has to exist... I'm staying out of that, some days I'm a believer, some days I feel alone spiritually. I have a belief, but it's not what the church would approve and I do not trust the words of god as handed down by the lying tongues of men.


That would be one hell of an interpretation too! About to travel and hit the road right now. Clear skies but lighting has been known to strike from the blue on rare occasions.

she said...

mr poetry1313: just enjoyed reading, catching up on your remarkable poetry

have had you, singtome, skinny, soaringimpluse on my mind

great to read you! to know you are not just keepin' on

but writin' on..

thanks for stoppin' by & sharing your magic

love, ~s.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I liked this a lot Eric. It is full of admiration for te subject.

benjibopper said...

It leaves the question: stop her from doing what? Whatever she wants, I suppose. I don't think I'll stand in her way. said...

Sight of the loved one gives you a thrill.


eric1313 said...


Thanks for dropping by here as well, so glad to see you after all this time.

Ultra Toast

I think so too. Glad you enjoyed it.


Pretty much! Hard to tell that one no!


You could say that a hundred more times. :D

Mona said...

The universe is alive indeed, we see colors of existence around us...

eric1313 said...

Hello Mona

Glad that you dropped by and sorry I didn't notice sooner.

Yeah sometimes I;m inspired.