Sunday, September 26, 2010


From this world to the beyond
the rains fall
with child-like laughter,
the echo of what we know
best of a passing soul.

The sharks swim like swans
beside the dolphins...
under the sky's aegis
the blue herons fly on
straight into the sun
igniting into sustaire.

Lightning hath forked
with words and wonder,
but what will not go
is that dread night.

Gently, said the voice.

Gently, moved the wind.

A tiger may shed tears

A crocodile might let go
the faun.

For all time is on its knees
and the rains will not
wash its face
of memories
tattooed like breath
in the cold morning after
the glow.

In memory of Paul Squires, Gingatao, poet of Oz, unique as any whom I have met on the ethers.

I'll miss you combing through my archives, distant friend, exploring and observing and saving the best to remind me that I've done a lot better than I sometimes tend to think.  Wish I had known sooner.


Donnetta Lee said...

Beautiful, kind words, Eric. Coming from a kind soul. D

Princess Pointful said...

I was reading through these words, wondering what the moment running through the poem would be.
How heartbreaking.
This poem is a testament to how much his words were able to touch you, even across an ocean.

eric1313 said...


Thank you for you as well. It hit me hard to see that Paul had died. Sometimes we all take breaks from blogging, and I assumed he was on hiatus, but as I waded into his comment section I found out he died from a fall back home in Australia. Kind of hit me hard how suddenly things happen. Puts it all into perspective.

Thanks for the visit, Donetta.


The poem was something of his subjects, wild nature, human nature, a bit of mythology... just taken and put through my own style.

He was a really nice guy. He'd read back into my archives and put up links to my older stuff that he liked. Helped me to see my writing maters, that my words are truly worth something to others.

That was a great thing. Sad that he's gone. I would feel the same way about most of the people who frequent my pages. All of them help me and add to this space. The oddest little comment can give me an idea about editing and shaping my work.

Thanks for the visit as well.

Your voice has been missed by many.

Charles Gramlich said...

"A tiger may shed tears sometimes." That alone was worth the visit today. Good stuff.

Shakespeare said...

Wow, Eric! I floated along as if on the tide.

Thank you for finding my blog, so that I could find yours...

eric1313 said...


That one would be a quintessentially gingatao line. It speaks volumes about the kinds of things he wrote about.


Welcome to the blog! I likewise appreciate your words and works. I've been getting back into posting daily, and a big part of the is reading daily. Glad that you provide such, and thanks for dropping in.