Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Difference Between Was and Is

She was out there,
one hundred miles away
wondering (along with me)
where all the stars have gone.

But only I alone
was looking at
the empty dusk of
the cold northern sky.


Orion could tell her for me--
if this was the right season.

One hundred miles
in a single loping stride.

While walking this road,
cars hiss by in the night
their tail lights vanishing
like the cold distant fires,
receding, fading, gone.

And all I can say to you
is that she's still out there.

Another one passes by
another ride disappearing,
the cinders burning low
and dying
by tomorrow's pre-light,
tired eyes closing forever
with miles still left to go.


Bottom: Pluto and its companion Charron...     The gatekeepers, guarding the boundary between what we know and what we think we know.


Dulce said...

And I am glad I found you too!
But you donot have a place for followers here!
Anyway I'll keep you at my sidebar...
Great poem and blog

eric1313 said...

Well, thank you or the visit!

Yeah, I'll have to see about getting the followers widget thing going, this is an old blog but I guess I ought to update its features. I think I don't already have one so it won't be something else to depress me. said...

Marvellous reflections.

For some reason, I think of a less positive poem about the absentee loved one.

She is somewhere very near
And her silence is your fear...

But then I was once in love with a bitch-goddess.
And she with a warlock? Mama used to beat you with a stick? You beat them with your stick?

...Things you see when you haven't got a beer....

Charles Gramlich said...

The night is watching us, enfolding us. "Good un."

eric1313 said...

Hey guys


It's not that bad/dramatic/tragic? or whatnot... In some ways I feel more comfortable writing poems like this, about what is known and what may or may not be than writing about birds in hand. So to speak...


That's a nice line right there. Would have been nice to have thought of it!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I'm trying to define that difference right now.

eric1313 said...

And I envy you not one bit. I'm sure you will find that definition.

eric1313 said...

And of course, it will make you stronger and wiser.

(euphemism for pain, yes, sorry about that, but I've heard some truly trite bits of wisdom, enough cliches to choke out every original poetic thought i have ever had)

Charles Gramlich said...

I wanted to comment on the post above this one, the poem, but couldn't find a link to do so, so I thought I'd comment here. That's an incredibly powerful piece. It shows how much events in our world can change everything around us. I can imagine it took a long time. I think it's "right" though. I don't see any need for change. Very strong.

eric1313 said...

Thank you, Charles.

That makes me feel pretty good about it. I was nervous about it so i turned comments off on the post.

But I'm glad you spoke up anyway. Thank you for doing that, because I was too afraid to ask an opinion about it.

Princess Pointful said...

You made the romantic adage of being under the same stars full again. Beautiful.

Also, the poem above gave me goosebumps.

It is such a pleasure getting lost in your words again!

eric1313 said...

Thank you so much for your support, kind words and reading over all this time. It's something I very much appreciate.

And I too am glad to see you back on the blogs. Keep writing. Your voice has been missed very much.