Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Like That

Peel the covers away
from your body
slowly, like that
Sway and shift away
to the other room
just like that

A midnight star;
shed tears of light

Made complete
with torn wings~
trying to smile, but
your closed eyes
match my guilt--
why disguise it?

Keep doing that to me
every sunrise burning
forever through the pane
and make me forget
that I thought I was
responsible for
this damage

Tell me who it was
who long ago took away
your ability to fly;
I'll bring it back.

If in return you would
just teach me to soar
to peel back the layers
slow—one sunrise
at a time

Just like that.


Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

Very nice. You're great with words.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Just like that. I love the conversation you seem to be having with an unseen person here.

eric1313 said...

Thank you both!

I try to be... doesn't always work out that way though...

I really dig the conversational style, of course. This one was a bit older, but i dusted it off and made a few adjustments, as well as resisted the urge to completely chop out what ultimately makes it work: a wide train of thought barreling forward...

morbidneko said...

i like it. just like that.


love how it makes one wonder what's going on, but giving the phantom of an idea.

sounds naughty. or, maybe my mind is naughty.

very telling poem.

eric1313 said...


So glad to see you. I worry about you, you know, so it's nice that you have dropped by.

Yep, still doing my thing...

I'll have to go and say hello.

peace at ya!