Friday, October 29, 2010


She screams at her nosferatu
on the threshold of her house
every night the ritual
needs more blood.

It's 3:00 am.

She throws a liquor bottle
it shatters to diamonds and mash
in front of his car door
screeching to departure on cue
I’ve seen her throw herself
on the rusting hood of his car
or smack his side window
with her open hand.

She has broken glass before
as easily as she's broken herself
and for the ground that she gained
she just as easily gave in
to the monster near dawn.

Together they rise each morning on cue
organs re-grown—limbs mended
faces vaguely human, bloodshot
axes grinding edge to edge
all day until the next dusk
when the beast roams again.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice. Great Halloween reading. I need to post a good horror poem for halloween.

eric1313 said...

Thanks Charles, glad you liked it.

Now for november... Hopefully I'll be more productive soon.

Lana Gramlich said...

Good one. Atypical of your "usual" stuff. A nice mood piece for the time of year.

AvDB said...

Excellent. Gotta love the love/hate vibe. I think we've all seen that type of vampirism scenario play out on our street corners at one tie or another.

benjibopper said...

Atypical indeed, but one of my favourites of yours. I like the imagery a lot, very tangible.

boneman said...

the biggest monster I ever saw
was the one who turned could be dreams
into I should have tried doon it all,
or at least that's what it kind'a seems.