Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green River

green river most holy
I wade my bare feet
into your purifying flow
away from noise and smoke
where your voice is wind
a laugh I've died to hear
but I ask you;
which of us
will hurt more?
if my mortal sins
were washed away
by your cold blood
to the mother ocean...
and beg your forgiveness
for listening to your voice
instead of your words
on this matter of souls
as they walk on by


Charles Gramlich said...

a lot of great resonate lines in this one. For some reason: "Where your voice is wind" hit me most strongly. Just perfect.

Lana Gramlich said...

Very beautiful poem. I'm with Charles on that line.

michael- said...

very cool - thanks for this.

Princess Pointful said...

Thanks for the kind words, as always. Just hearing from you made me feel that urge to start writing again, as I miss having a reason to read and write our long comments. But there's almost too much pressure now, you know? As though anything I write will have to be a return to form, and will have to signify a real return. I have ideas, but no conclusions anymore, it seems like.

But how is life on the other side of that lake? Being a Wisconsinite has been an experience and a half. I love the people here but despise the politics. The contrast is tougher than I thought it would be. I'm back to Canada, to yet another city, come August for the last step in my PhD, then hopefully back to WI, as the Duke will be staying here.

But to the matter at hand: Your beautiful poem. I love the idea of listening to her voice instead of her words (I assumed her to be a woman... my bias, potentially), because who isn't guilty of that sometimes? I also loved the idea of the guilt of giving someone one's own sins, and the great image of them being washed away in green.

And I know I should have just emailed this. But a long winded comment felt more like old times...

eric1313 said...

lol... I just wrote a huge response and blogger ate it...

eric1313 said...

Remind me to always copy what I type then hit publish in case I need to paste it into a new form once more.

eric1313 said...

Thanks for your continued reading here in the armpit of online publishing, aka, 8 Mile Love Grafffiti... I do appreciate that people care what I have to say when I do resurface.

Hey Princess!

Pressure like you describe is the enemy of all creative people. Your success before was based a lot on you anonymity. You felt free of RL politics, free enough to speak your mind. Drawing conclusions is draining. Sometimes life has no conclusions, or at least, nothing good to conclude.

Your voice is always there inside of you. When you return you will still be embraced. And you might find that you're maturity adds to the richness of your story. What better place to find it than here?

The sad thing about blogger is now it's but a shadow of what it once was. Lots of people have moved on to Facebook as the new social medium of choice. I am guilty of have an FB page, there's a tab for it further down on my page here for folks to find me. But it's a paltry kind of thing, and I do not take it seriously, except when I post links to some of my favorites here on this blog.

But those that remain here on these pages are very serious about what they do. Like you have always been.

As for the politics, it's unpleasant to see so many civil workers being treated with so little civility. A union being crushed not by corporations but by the government that the workers serve. Makes me sick to my soul. When I hear about the debate over there in the Cheese State, I wonder what you would have to say about it.

As for the poem, it's actually an old one that I polished up. It's about what a baptism is to me, a real life one were your sins might be washed away, but they are still there, they did not leave, they are just more pollutants in the water in which we wade.

I often don't feel connected with my former poetic voice. Very sad to say that but it's true. But if I do regain that connection I have this page to pour it out onto.

Glad you dropped by. It's nice to connect with old friends.

And if you return, don't feel pressure, just run with the veil of your persona that you've crafted over time. Freedom allowed you to develop this wonderful, rich voice. If you have anything to say, let it go. People will come to you. We no longer have to worry about 50 or 60 response days. But if we do our jobs well, they will come back to you. They will come back to us. said...

I'm with Charles and Lana on the poem. Home run!

eric1313 said...

Thanks Ivan, glad you all enjoyed it.

benjibopper said...

seems our whole creative writing "blogosphere" has become less prolific, but it's good to see you're still producing and posting here. keep that fire burning.