Monday, October 24, 2011



Met a man with one leg
wearing a green fedora
playing a cracked guitar
with 3 broken strings
and an open suitcase
with silvery coins thrown
in for his dinner, drinks, fix
and I added my few bits to
the meager pile that grew
as the wind picked up 
and the sun fell from a 
weak autumn apogee
and stood there listening 
to a man playing the blues
who knew it for what it was

And tonight I'll get home
and eat and drink and fix
and sleep
and then do it again
and again
and I will never be as free
as that one legged man 
sitting on his stool
playing the blues
as the gulls wheel overhead 



Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, this one is really good. Love the subtlety of it. and the last stanza is dynamite

eric1313 said...

Thanks Charles! That's a ringing endorsement if ever I have heard one! said...

Hitting your stride...No crutch.


eric1313 said...

Puns always welcome, with or without intent.

she said...

exceptional! poem here /and pleasure hearing from you..

always appreciate your insights

say "hi" to our mutual friends in the blogosphere..

..everyone's gotta write to be free.. (i'll be facebookin' that one..)

love, ~s.

eric1313 said...

Thanks Sandra

I'll make sure to say hello for you. said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

You give it colour, and hell, even light! :)

eric1313 said...

Hey, I love reading there. You have that Ivan-style approach that makes it fun to see what's contained in the next line.

Hopefully you can keep up the demand!

Sweeter said...

love those gulls wheeling overhead.
Another great piece. Glad to see you are back!
You really rock! said...

Demand, demand.

At this time I'm trying to butter up a medim-sized book publisher in New York.

God, I hate rejection.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

i beati said...

oh yeah

eric1313 said...


Good to see you again as well! I try to rock and roll as much as possible. Glad i can convey that in words.


Fingers crossed. But if you get it it won't be by my luck, it will be on your own merit and words.


you know it! said...

I must say I am truly heartened by those kind words, Eric.

Neers said...

you know what this reminded me of?? bon jovi's these days!!! and i mean that as a compliment, i was great bon jovi fan! :)

p.s: hello eric, longg time! how have you been?

Chris Benjamin said...

Great descriptive images here - so visual. Great work, Eric.

X. Dell said...

Forgive me, but I'd imagine that the one-legged man playing his three-string guitar might rather be sleeping, and eating, under a roof, againandagainandagain:-)

Great poem. said...

Merry Ho-Ho, Eric.

And thanks for the Christms greeting.

iamnasra said...

long time ...I guess ..I wonder all is well with you ..are you into blogging anymore >>

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The worst kind of shackles are the ones you can't see as they bind you.

eric1313 said...

Hello all.

X Dell - I think he was eating and drinking and sleeping under a roof. He's made it a long way, one needs these things. He just happened to have a profession that he wanted to practice every day and did. I think.

Ivan - Almost time for another one. Glad to see you still here. Just letting the cat out, so to speak.

Nasra - It has been a long time indeed.

Toast - Ain't that the truth of it. The tyrant, the warden, the judge and executioner, all live in one's soul, as has been said by many. How well we conquer their baser impulses and cravings is the true mark by which we judge ourselves. Or something like that, I think.

Good to see you all still here.


Roxanne Galpin said...

Sometimes freedom isn't really freedom ... wonderful imagery here.

sandyland said...