Monday, December 28, 2015

Great Change Requires Time (Replacement Poem II)

Don't be a scene.

Take Down
Those Two Posts  -
right down, right now,
before they are witnessed
by eyes
that saw there was too much mess
before you did,
missed shady sides and places
amid all the spots of bright sun
gracing down and through
at the spaces between rocks
and cracks,
right here and there
and in a hundred other cases
where white, yellow, orange and
candy wine lilys grow again
in a bare handful of months, 
places in the scene that other eyes
avoid when the stormclouds come
this late in the year.

So keep letting it happen but don't
get all quiet like you did because
the door is open
to be used.

Remember that it's not just stared at in
unmasterful admiration
every time something shining and
and smiling and beautiful like
every wave peeling gently from
the steady swells and troughs
and tight sparkle-trimmed blue jeans
as your troublesome standards
always seem to point you toward:

Watch again while they
keep float-walking on air
around that glassy-tiled bend...

And away  -
and the meaning is lost to light
because they know you don't
really know the secret, either.

A lot like those other two poems;
Think: who really wants to read
Drama's Own Epic every night?

Well, don't have a worry, but do
take some care:
they weren't half this alive -
if not quite there.



eric1313 said...

I'll post more soon.

I like this one! It's fun. Good rhythm. And the others will be made into more. I should have kept them in drafts, but sometimes you just have to see what you have on your screen.

Charles Gramlich said...

seeing things up in front of you helps sometimes with revision.

eric1313 said...

Definitely. And I realized I should just keep typing up stream of conscious style like that, but keep more drafts and refine and parse what I have and know and feel and all that other stuff of poetry.

This one was a one off, though. The Bukowski way, only modified. I give it 30 or 25 minutes and beyond that, try again, or try another tack. Later, though, sometimes, because time and distance helps, as you say.

But the two I hid back in drafts are not all gold. But got to get at what's in between and keep writing more. You never know what becomes useful one day.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Over Christmas I was talking to my father about being in a meeting. He recounted a tale of a gathering with the rest of his colleagues to listen to some slick, useless ladder-climber spouting a load of corporate double speak, closing with the classic act of lip service that goes 'my door is always open'.

To which my father stood up and said 'That's no good if your mind's always closed."

eric1313 said...

I heard this one at a work meeting long ago: "TEAM means Together Everyone Accomplishes More!"

The Managerial Person who said that would call to find out what was going on from the office girls and rental agents, and if it sounded the least bit daunting, she would call herself off from work then and there. Which kind of burns everyone, but not really, though, lol, because she was a poor leader who always made self-centered decisions.