Thursday, December 10, 2015

On Landing

Perfect will be Nothing.
So remember that first.

Years under blue sky
and arcing Sun,
and every smiling slap
in the face
taught you that;
don't forget it.

Remember next Humility:
To bend at your knees always,
to bounce~
chronic equal and opposite

And if you have to...


Because Gravity will never quite
let go of you.
And though you are no longer weak,
you should remember
deep in your high-walled citadel
obscured by clouds 
how far you are from Perfect.



i beati said...

quite a profound subject

eric1313 said...

No doubt! This is a small cycle of three poems, but they are good ones. Just exercising my mind with new thoughts, and staying positive. Thanks for the visit, Sandy.

Shimmerrings said...

... bounce... and roll... when you have to...


eric1313 said...

As long as you can stand back up, it was a good landing. Always.