Saturday, December 19, 2015

Writer's Block

Thumbing to a page no book suffers...

I click my options; and arrive there soon.
Social Media's penalty box prison-planet boom;
solitary confinement
for the sobriquets I'll
never forget.

Blistering name of a demon inscribed
the letters interrupt - but the characters were fine.
One key by one key,
the reasons, and the whys
played on and played out.

Now it is done - last sequence of tonight;
echoing, ragged, as from a great height. 
Raise Cain on the wind;
tell those bastards
I said goodnight.

Turning the red-X key at the far top right,
I see your name, after years from my sight,
and I know I cannot leave,
without taking it
with me.

Floods of relief like no one will feel;
an old acquaintance, as I'm an old heel,
is from now no longer 
my enemy,
if not my friend...

Someone who seems to know me 
much better than I 
in the end.


(Read the above poem to the rhythm of A Boy Named Sue.  I love wildly juxtapositional ideas and the contrast they can provide.  This poem starts with a narrator of heavy heart, and evolves to become lighter by the end.  At least, that's what I hope I've achieved here.)

Top: Via NASA and Voyager 1...  Callisto may only be an icy moon of Jupiter, but I suspect it would make an ideal prison planet, as well.  Enlarge the picture, and note the gigantic multi-ringed impact structure on the top facing portion, a feature so prominent that it had to be named Valhalla.


eric1313 said...

I won't explain this one any more than the poem itself has already done. I hope it has done so, anyway, provided I was clear enough in my obfuscated way.

It's about a good thing being born form a highly unpleasant thing. To be simple about it.

I'll leave it at that.

Charles Gramlich said...

a strong poem. Not quite as stark as the image of Callisto.

eric1313 said...

Cool. I was worried I overwrought this one with care.

Yes, it's a lot softer than ice at 150 kelvin.

Shimmerrings said...

You know I totally get it... :P

eric1313 said...

But you can't! It's not allowed. =D

eric1313 said...

Many parts of this poem have a rhythm similar to A Boy Named Sue. ^^

That's something, too.