Saturday, December 12, 2015

Your Spirit Follows Me

Your spirit follows me -
I greet it as an old friend
every morning sunrise.

It joins with my soul
and departs at will,
fickle and free and loved.

It sees me during days
where the fire threatens
to burn me within to out.

Your spirit touches me,
when I shiver with chill,
it's warm to my flesh as in
years young and slipshod
and delightfully foolish
and now gone forever.

Your spirit follows me
and it does not grieve
the life it once embodied.

It knows my struggles
and encourages my light
with a beacon of its own.

Your spirit follows me,
invisible to all but those
who see in shades of amour.

Your spirit follows me,
and in a breath it is gone.
Leaving still, silent absence
laying in wait
for the next day
to dawn.



Shimmerrings said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...


Charles Gramlich said...

Whenever I'm off work I like to get a look at the dawn. Sometimes I get a magnificient view even during work if I'm crossing Lake Pontchartrain when the sun comes up. But traffic is heavy enough I seldom get a chance to enjoy it.

SHE said...

an unexpected Christmas gift.. to find your comments on my blog.. it has been too long. -but an equal treat, to hang out here a while, read your magnificent poetry, and just to see you are not wasting your gift.. it is evolving into something.. beyond words. merry christmas my blogger poet friend.. many blessings!

eric1313 said...

...Thank you! To everyone. It feels good to grow and exercise my mind in this way that I love so much.

eric1313 said...

And, my FB friends know this already, but the picture for this one is mine, I snapped it while driving home from work. I saw the light and went about frantically trying to find a good place to shoot before the light dimmed completely.

That's my truck on the right. Turned out a good friend of mine works in the building right behind it, near the three pines.

singleton said...

As always...

eric1313 said...

Thanks, Sing.

Life is beautiful. And it keeps getting better a little each day.

eric1313 said...

Hey! Just noticed... Today is 12/13. That's as close as we can get to 1313!


eric1313 said...

And if anyone out there wondered, I wrote this for my friend Megan who passed away earlier this year of complications due to severe diabetes.

We dated long ago, then fell out. But became friends again a few years back, before she got truly ill. I even sent a copy of this to her mother and discussed it with her a little bit. And cried. And chainsmoked on my front porch for an hour.

It's OK. I know there are others that feel her loss many, many times more than I, and I respect that difference. Thus this is a poem for her, but truly, it is a poem for all who knew her. And for everyone else, as well.