Sunday, January 10, 2016

Be Always Vigilant

Non-Holy Hammerstrokes
by some swarthy power time forgets
throbbed behind my right eye...

Incoming... and... impact -

Tito's - your vodka... The lights.   

Libations for libations, all for drunken's
Somebody led me right to the wrong car.
Both had our best intentions to become lost.

Darker than the bottom of a well after midnight,
we used lighters to see by instead of flashlights.

"Nobody taught me to fight mean,
I had to learn it myself," I was saying earlier,
answering a question she had about people
we used to know.

She was a quite a boxer herself,
but learned better ways years before.
A scar running from hip to hip
a barely visible decoration for valor.

Early morning was warm for January,
no sun; north winds shifted to south.
No halo ringing the faded moon...

And the Hammerstrokes did fall,

driving along like I was -
the pain seemed oddly new to me.


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