Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Clint Eastwood

If Clint Eastwood were to
show up in this poem you
would know it by now,
and so would your nosing
neighbors and their barking
little punk dogs,
and a posse of lawmen
thirsty for blood and
horny for gold.

The world-wide monitor
hermits would hail this
breach like an ancient
ritual three-fold death.

Even this poem would get
on its horse and ride west
in self-counseling silence,
a poem that could have been
something - a poem that by
all accounts was feeling lucky.

It's smoking a hand-rolled
cigar, waiting for two more
poems to keep it company

before it winds its way to a
scorching valley in hell.


Anonymous said...

Makes good movies... but his politics suck... love the poem... or were you just lucky??? Hee Hee Hee ... Sarah...

eric1313 said...

No problem! Regardless of politics, he's an icon.

Chris Benjamin said...

Love it and I think Dirty Harry would approve. And then kick your ass just to get information out of you you didn't know you had.

eric1313 said...

Even beaten to a pulp, and forever traumatized by the notion of "law enforcement" as I would no doubt forever afterward be, he would somehow impress upon me that it is in fact me that is the lucky punk.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

'The thing that haunts a guy is the stuff he wasn't ordered to do' - Walt Kowalski

Charles Gramlich said...

A poem riding off into the sunset. Sounds intriguing.

eric1313 said...

I was thinking of the ultimate scenes from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, heading off to that valley to get the gold buried somewhere amid all the tombstones.

Poems are capable of all kinds of things.

Lovely Right said...

I could only read it in Clint Eastwood voice wow that's funny I tried to stop but I couldn't. Nice

eric1313 said...

Thank you so much! It was in a voice like his. I drew upon his movies for inspiration for this poem.

Sorry I took so I ong to respond. Been getting out of a horrible funk. Weakness takes a lot to get passed sometimes.

Glad for the read!