Friday, January 1, 2016

The Shedding of Years

In the beginning,
as at the end...
we find a lone door -
inner light-rimmed archway
where both pass briefly into

This portal slams shut
on time
with such brutal-seeming
it springs back open

Note: All the shattered and
bleached remains scattered
of those that went before;
wasted bones of years
counted backwards...

Resolutions so often fall the same way.

The chanting of numbers in
unison signifies its own magic,
living numbers seek renewal. 

We have been warned:
They keep saying the past
is where you choose to leave it.

Your chant goes something similar to that,
as you walk through the
swinging door to new time.



eric1313 said...

I resolve to not +1 any more of my own stuff. Unless it's dynamite kisses good, and I'll judge that for myself.

eric1313 said...

'twas not easy saving this one. But it's better now, I hope.