Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spoken in Tongues

Anxious words -

my unrelenting bastards!

Did I speak you too soon?

Stop - and breathe the spectrum
blowing in from around the world.

Imitate bright voices singing in their
celebrated mothertongues.

Or find your own ways before it's too late,
and you have no choice except cold fake it.

Just you words try to flow next time -
while minding two-times again how well
I like my words to play on.

Because I got you so long ago,
I barely knew how I wanted you to say.

Only now do I really understand
the true ways to speak all of you;


In my own ugly mothertongue.




Charles Gramlich said...

The truth is crazier than fiction for sure'

eric1313 said...

Yes. Smart person once told me that's how you can tell truth from fiction. Nothing is as strange as real life can be.