Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Skyscraping (Dreams in Flight III)

It is cold up here, in the heights
increasing as I rise and move out
over the countryside, away from
the city.  Farmland quilting the
country, forests padding the ground,
flying, flying, flying ever west
toward Osiris and Anubis and Thoth
flying toward the sun, to catch it
and keep it in pocket before it dies...

I awake, but the feeling of flight
leaves me only when the light fades
to dusk again.  I try to summon this
dream again, but another one comes
instead; kisses, caressing flesh, eyes
and pale skin and warmth...

But to fly is denied tonight. Grounded,
they say.

I'll make due with pleasure of flesh

I'll make due with earthly dreams
but I'll awake wishing only to
see the buildings of man recede
until they are dust on dust on dirt
and bedrock and dreams, far bellow.

The works of men are a pedastel
for me to leap from, and to dream.



Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

My house is next to this . That's a lovely pic and a great post indeed .
Happy to find your page !

Charles Gramlich said...

Cold in the heights makes me think of the movie we watched last night. "Everest."

eric1313 said...

Shilpa Chandrasekheran: What a beautiful view you have. Wonderful, inspiring architecture, that.

Charles: I love movies about Mt. Everest. What a harrowing place where so many who have tried to climb have paid for their daring with their lives.

Yeah, I just can't help but remember the higher one climbs the colder the air gets. With exhilaration comes danger.

Shimmerrings said...

Fly baby fly... Oh, I heard... a freed spirit's gonna fly just like a bird... part if a song I wrote during catharthis time...once upon a time...

eric1313 said...

Cathartic writings are my bag!