Monday, February 8, 2016

The Stalker

Her love was never there;
it was always a noose.

Her feelings weren't real;
clothing for dark motive.

Her self-hate never died;
she shared it with strangers.

Her laughter was not great;
it hid her base essence.

Her eyes could not see you;
they saw only her gain.

Her hand never touched yours;
it clutched selfish for love.

Her poison couldn't kill;
it paralyzed your soul.



eric1313 said...

The tag "october" is a category about feel and dark feeling. It by no means has to be confined to the temporal stratification later in the year.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

'Her self-hate never died; she shared it with strangers.' Bleak. And not uncommon unfortunately.

What's the picture from?

eric1313 said...

Bleak, indeed. The person I had in mind could only get past her self-hate by having someone else around to be an absolute snot towards.

The picture is from Excalibur, 1981. The scene is Morgana LeFay (Helen Mirren) clawing at the unwelcome ghost of Merlin appearing in her bedchambers, portrayed by Nicol Williamson.