Saturday, August 13, 2016

Singing Saturday

Tonight I sit again amongst the vagabonds.
Tonight I sing the chorus of heaven on earth.
Tonight I dance with every single maiden,
whores some call them, though such an 
ugly word 
should not be used to describe someone 
forced to embrace an unembraceable
truth of this existence.

Tomorrow, I'll bow low and my fingers will
work the dirt and my nose will breathe in
the dusty air and my eyes will see again why
I keep living, day in, year out...

But tonight, I live as though the sun will 

My soul is taut like the strings of a used

My heart leaps up and over as though from 
a bridge.

My body moves along with the sultry human 

The vagabonds clap - voices rise in chorus;
the maidens embrace me as a fellow whore.

Tonight, I am at home..  
Tonight, I am singing.
Tonight, I am not alone.

Above: Colliding galaxies in an area of the sky known as Stephen's Quintet.  An embracing of truth, two becoming one.  I love symbolism as portrayed by the sky.


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