Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunday Piece

It's the day after a storm and things have changed -
the way you look at life
the way you look at people
the way you look at the broken pieces of glass
on the narrow sidewalk and in the broken street.

You feel like a man from the caves,
discovering fire from the lightning
and a blazing dead stump or line of scrub.
From fire you discovered god and words
and steel and gold and divine right and pain.
From pain you discovered much more than that.

From pain you found compassion
from compassion you found love
from love you found peace
and from peace you found war
and pain.
And pain.

And it's the day after a storm;
things have changed.

You are sweeping up the shattered glass shards
from your broken sidewalks
and the narrow streets after the storm -
cheering that at least it finally rained,
and your fire provides such a clear view
into the mysteries of long nights ahead.


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