Saturday, August 20, 2016

That's What A Beautiful Woman Looks Like

Perfect is too over-used.

It's also not definitive in any way,
beyond a superlative telling
how little effort you are putting into
expressing your state of breathlessness,
or your own sense of awe at being next to
an avatar of Venus on Earth,
Holy being that which gives life.

Tears at night that nobody witnessed,
not even you;
while you slept sound next to her heat,
straight through the night.

A fire and a drink and a smile;
a lone guitar wailing sympathetically,


when she least expects it...

That's when you notice the stars coming to life
one then two then a few more each breath
and they start telling you stories
of empresses



Cloudia said...

Lucky woman

eric1313 said...

I don't know who's lucky anymore.