Friday, September 2, 2016

Blue Upon Blue

Summer passes with a great gasp;
the gamesome whispers of spring 
coming to cavernous roars,
now dying low to a moan
of unsurpassed ecstasy 
followed by
unwelcome regrets.

This is the way things go:
Each season brings an end
and a beginning to the next end,
until like a statue it crumbles,
gritty dust in the passing of time.

Leaves will change and fall soon,
and snowy ice will cover the land
at the sky's fickle behest.

Cold night will overtake the day,
but that too is only a prelude
to the whispers of a new spring
to come.



Shimmerrings said...
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Shimmerrings said...

I, too, become reflective during the changing seasons. Not sure which I am more reflective of...spring or fall. I think, perhaps, the fall, as it has its own special memories attached, along with the scent of sun warmed pine straw, which evokes them even more. Lovely poem. Very nice, indeed!

eric1313 said...

Thank you, Shimmerings. I've been busy here as you can see. It's good to be writing, as always.

Thank you for the visit!

Cloudia said...

You dance describe the circle of nature the circles of us, Eric

eric1313 said...

Universal is good. We have our own internal seasons. Thank you for reading here, Cloudia!

Shimmerrings said...

I have always compared our life cycles our seasons in nature. It is our connectedness with the natural world around us that refreshes and renews us, letting us know that "this, too, shall pass." And gives reason to rejoice when those gentle spring breezes begin to scatter seed upon the land. Hhhmmm, is that a poem springing up in me?? Been so so long!

eric1313 said...

Write like the wind, Shimmerings! You can do this. One can lead to another... Like seasons.