Friday, September 30, 2016

Me Missing You

When your face is missing from the crowd,
the light of the Moon snuffed out among the stars,
the Mona Lisa stripped of her knowing grin,
and the dogs of the East Side go to their beds
without a bite of supper.

Driving home only takes a few centuries
in the failing light, and the rain,
the radio barks that the dogs are still hungry
as they lay fitful in half-sleep,
and the Mona Lisa certainly looks nonplussed.

Tomorrow, I’ll re-write this poem;
and when people ask me what it’s about
I’ll tell them 'life is short, love just to love',
hoping to see your smile emerge from the named 
and nameless crowds all around at any moment.



Cloudia said...

This is a True Poem with many thrilling phrases and surprises. Seriously. The Real Deal: You, Mike

eric1313 said...

Thank you so much! I sat down and wrote what I thought. Not much more than that, really.