Monday, September 12, 2016

She Said

"You need a bigger phone."

Yes... I have an inadequate
smart phone screen to the 
more discriminating singles
out there navigating purgatory. 

The night was getting old
but it could still dance.
so I asked for my bar tab 
and paid it, leaving a nice tip 
for Steph because she has
to put up with a lot 
when she babysits 
all the old drunks 
and the young drunks
and other desperate rats
and bum poets
who lovingly infest this place.

Then I stood from my stool
told everyone and no one
to have fun
and walked right out the door,
when I called someone 
who knows it's not the size 
of your phone that matters, 
but how you use it.



Shimmerrings said...

That's right! It's how you use it! And it's not the size of the oar, it's the motion of the ocean!

eric1313 said...

Lol! It's not the size of the booty, it's how we shake it!